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Harris Poll: Chicago's flaws shouldn't overshadow its beauty and grandeur

Brief 2 min Read

Super Bowl LVIII: The NFL's momentum looks unstoppable

Will Johnson: Chicago sports teams are crucial to fans. New stadiums? Not so much.

The 'Super Bowl flu' will soon hit millions of employees - it could cots businesses more than $6 billion

Super Bowl Ads - What Viewers Want And Don't Want In 2024 Commercials

Brief 3 min Read

Interest in MLS Grows Along with the Launch of New Teams

Does TV show the real Chicago? Maybe...or not

Brief 2 min Read

"The Bear" Effect: Media's Depiction of Cities and Public Perception

Brief 2 min Read

...Ready For It? In Our Wildest Dreams We Didn’t Expect Young Women’s Interest in the NFL to Surge

Peacock Special: Poll Says NFL Streaming Playoffs Not That Bad

Case Study 1 min Read

WNBA Case Study

LIV Fans Lean Left, While CFB Is Most Conservative: Harris/Sportico Poll

All Gen Z Wants For Christmas Is Live Event Tickets

The Subscription Economy - How Brands Can Unlock Sustainable Revenue Streams

Michelle Larson and Will Johnson: Chicago's Museum Campus is the key to revitalizing the Loop

Harris Poll: Increased public safety could draw more local tourists to Chicago attractions

Brief 5 min Read

Is Music Starting to Sound The Same?

Will Johnson: How Cook County residents feel about the Magnificent Mile

Brief 2 min Read

Barbie makes a splash with consumers this summer

Will Johnson: Should we pay to keep the White Sox local? Here's what polling data says.

Welcome to the jumbled, balkanized future of sports media

NCAA Conference Chaos Leaves Most Fans Unfazed: Sportico/Harris Poll

As Popularity of Pickleball Soars, So Do Related Injuries, Poll finds

NASCAR's Chicago Street Race represents a crucial test for Cup Series

How do people really feel about NASCAR in Chicago? Chicagoans and Cook County residents are split

The Cruise Industry Is On a Course For Climate Disaster

Americans want to see their favorite brands in movies, research finds

Brief 2 min Read

For Netflix, the 2020's have been a wild ride

Gen Z doesn't like baseball. Speeding it up may help.

How long is too long to leave up holiday decorations? What Americans really think about those St. Patrick's skeletons.

Brief 2 min Read

FanDuel sees huge growth in consumers' advertising recall

Brief 5 min Read

It’s Time to Rethink Super Bowl Advertising

Psychedelics Meet Up With Virtual Reality at South by Southwest

37% of American Women Consume Cannabis, But Most Keep It A Secret From Parents, Children, Coworkers, Study Says

Brief 2 min Read

FanDuel’s brand equity takes off in states with legalized sports betting

Bears Arlington Park stadium project beginning to win over more fans?

Streamer ads performed well during the Super Bowl, research says

Brief 2 min Read

How are other brand sponsors impacted by the Big Game?

Brief 3 min Read

What’s the spread? – Americans’ changing attitudes towards sports betting

Brief 1 min Read

Caution - 2023’s Super Bowl ads contain high alcohol content

Brief 3 min Read

Please welcome the newest batch of Super Bowl advertisers

Brief 2 min Read

What did viewers want to see from Super Bowl LVII ads?

About 19 million employees could miss work Monday after the Super Bowl, survey says

Super Bowl Commercials - What The Public Wants And Doesn't Want In The Ads

Brief 2 min Read

What do we expect from Super Bowl LVII's commercials?

About three-quarters of people who plan to watch the Super Bowl said they're excited for the ads, research says

Brief 2 min Read

Brand Bowl 2023 prepares for kickoff!

Brief 2 min Read

Did the NHL secure their “linchpin” to growth?

Case Study 1 min Read

Prime Video x NFL Case Study

What Memorable Things Did You Learn in 2022?

Brief 4 min Read

Did the launch of LIV Golf change how fans feel about the PGA Tour?

Self-care may be increasing your stress - here are 5 things to consider

71 of Our Favorite Facts of 2022

Digital or mail? Here's how Americans prefer to send their holiday and Christmas cards

How much are you willing to spend on the creators you love?

Are you wagering on the World Cup? Sports betting is taking America by storm - and a third of young men are hooked

Letter to the Editor: Legal Sports Betting Spreads, Including on Campuses

Poll: Most Cook County residents think downtown Chicago is more dangerous than a year ago

Brief 3 min Read

Sports betting is growing, though majority of Americans believe it shouldn’t be promoted

Twitter and TikTok get all the attention. Polling shows few US adults use them.

How Netflix and Disney+ Can Fix Ad-Supported Streaming

Streaming Viewers Are Unsatisfied With Ads - But Don't Want To Pay More

Brief 3 min Read

Will ads reshape the streaming landscape?

Meet the golf brands that are changing the landscape of the sport

Will Johnson: Love Chicago? You are likely to give a thumbs-up to the plan for the city's casino

Brief 2 min Read

Will LIV Golf's Funding Affect Viewership?

Harris Poll Shows PGA Tour VS. LIV Shaping Up To Be A Generational Battle

F1, Indy, and NASCAR to Go Full-Throttle on Same Day

Know Your Audience: Surviving The Fragmented World of Streaming

Brief 3 min Read

Spotify’s push for personalization delights users

Brief 2 min Read

Formula 1 is Making a U.S. Push, but Are American Fans on Board?

Brief 2 min Read

1 in 3 Americans more likely to watch football with analysis by Tom Brady at FOX Sports

Top Rank Exec: Boxing Making Huge Comeback With Younger Audiences

Most Consumers Worry The Metaverse May Lead Them To Lose Touch With Reality

Why Some Super Bowl LVI Commercials Created The Most Brand Equity

Brief 3 min Read

Are Americans pumped for Super Bowl LVI? …Or for the ads?

Brief 1 min Read

NFL Sees a Surge in Momentum with Younger Fans

Brief 3 min Read

Do virtual events have a place in the post-pandemic future?

Brief 3 min Read

How can smaller streaming services gain subscribers in a crowded marketplace?

The 9 Most Popular Insurance Ad Characters, Ranked

The economics of entertainment: More investment in nightlife could help Chicago attract residents and businesses

Brand trust in Facebook actually fell after it changed its name to Meta


The Next Generation and Music Discovery: Implications for Brands

Brief 2 min Read

Viewers Pay Up For An Ad-Free Streaming Experience

What Viewers Dislike About Streaming TV Ads

Brief 10 min Read

Tuning In to the Future of Music Discovery

The future of music discovery lies with the youthful, the technologically engaged, and the globally aware.

Roku's Biggest-Ever Campaign Takes Viewers On A Trip Through History

NFL Favorability At 67% As Fans Back Vaccination, Digital Tickets

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Visa


NFL viewership may dip in 2021 as Americans avoid in-person games and crowded bars

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Toyota

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Etsy

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Facebook

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Comcast

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