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Why Some Super Bowl LVI Commercials Created The Most Brand Equity

Brief 3 min Read

Are Americans pumped for Super Bowl LVI? …Or for the ads?

Brief 1 min Read

NFL Sees a Surge in Momentum with Younger Fans

Brief 3 min Read

Do virtual events have a place in the post-pandemic future?

Brief 3 min Read

How can smaller streaming services gain subscribers in a crowded marketplace?

The 9 Most Popular Insurance Ad Characters, Ranked

The economics of entertainment: More investment in nightlife could help Chicago attract residents and businesses

Brand trust in Facebook actually fell after it changed its name to Meta


The Next Generation and Music Discovery: Implications for Brands

Brief 2 min Read

Viewers Pay Up For An Ad-Free Streaming Experience

What Viewers Dislike About Streaming TV Ads

Brief 10 min Read

Tuning In to the Future of Music Discovery

The future of music discovery lies with the youthful, the technologically engaged, and the globally aware.

Roku's Biggest-Ever Campaign Takes Viewers On A Trip Through History

NFL Favorability At 67% As Fans Back Vaccination, Digital Tickets

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Visa


NFL viewership may dip in 2021 as Americans avoid in-person games and crowded bars

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Toyota

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Etsy

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Facebook

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Comcast

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Oreo

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Peloton

Brief 1 min Read

Tokyo Olympics Ad Tracker: Subway


2020 Summer Olympics: An Outlook on Viewership and Brand Value

Case Study 2 min Read

After Record U.S. Lottery Revenues in 2019, What’s Next?


Upfronts 2021: Ad-Heavy Streaming Experiences Make Viewers Tune Out for Good

Eventbrite Preps In-Person Group Organizers for the Post-Pandemic Period

Fans Await Herd Immunity Amid Skepticism For 2021, Survey Finds: Data Viz

Actually, Americans are feeling better than you think this winter

Streaming Prevails For Gen Z As Boomers Sustain Linear TV Dominance: Data Viz

Marijuana Is Replacing Alcohol For Nearly Half Of Cannabis Consumers During The Pandemic

More than half of workers have binge-watched TV during work hours

AMC starts 'urgent dialogue' with Warner Bros over its plan to put all its 2021 movies on HBO Max

ESPN: Three Questions with Harris Poll CEO Will Johnson on Sports Betting

Check the Polls: Sports Betting Could Soon Become America's Game

Majority of Americans won't be comfortable attending a sports event until COVID-19 vaccine is available

COVID-19 is not the only thing keeping Americans out of movie theaters

Brief 3 min Read

Fewer Americans Plan to Visit Movie Theaters in 2021

The latest survey from Yahoo Finance and The Harris Poll explores how Americans feel about movie theater re-openings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poll: 38% Of Sports Fans Say NBA Is 'Too Political" As Reason They Are Watching Less

Opinion: COVID-19 Forcing Sports into Sacrificing Integrity of the Game

Most Americans Do Not Expect Football to Happen in 2020


The Event Premium: What's the future of the events industry?


Events need to be reimagined for a remote world


SVOD & PVOD Post Pandemic: New Subscribers, New Paradigms and Key Opportunities


Playing Games: Offline and Online Gaming


Will Sports Return at All?

Analyst sees the 'Best of Times and the Worst of Times' for Video Streaming Services


Think Like a Crash Test Dummy...


Americans Turn Focus to Saving Local Economies

With America at Home, the Streaming War Is Hollywood's Ultimate Test


Pent Up Demand Continues to Build


Zoom Parenting and The Rise of Permissibility

WSJ-Harris Poll: The Great Streaming Battle Is Here. No One Is Safe.

#GoT Spoiler! Absence is Coming: 27.2 Million U.S. Workers Say the Final Night's Watch May Kill Job Productivity

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