Analyzing public sentiment towards COVID-19 and other issues of national importance.

Investigating how Americans Feel About Key Economic, Social, and Political Issues

In partnership with TIME, The Harris Poll provides in-depth analysis into how society views and reacts to key events as they unfold. Understanding how society thinks is essential for both business and political leaders to successfully navigate the changing environment.

At The Harris Poll we believe public opinions should be accessible to all. This is why we share the latest in public polling with TIME and our other media partners at no charge, so that our insights can help influence policy and drive change.

“We’re at a critical point in the coronavirus pandemic,” said Will Johnson, CEO of The Harris Poll. “In working with TIME, we have the opportunity to demystify Americans’ current health care decisions and put hard numbers behind the attitudes, perceptions and opinions that will determine our economic future.”

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TIME Articles & Insights

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21% of Women Reported Switching Their Birth Control Method Post-Roe

Brief 2 min Read

A Notable Sum Of Women Are Considering Permanent Contraception

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High Gas Prices Are Discouraging Americans From Buying Cars Right Now

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After Weeks of Declining Vaccination Rates in the U.S., They Went Back Up in June. Will the Momentum Last?

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Teletherapy Aimed to Make Mental Health Care More Inclusive. The Data Show a Different Story

Brief 4 min Read

Telehealth Holds Steady As Americans Warm to In-Person Medical Visits

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Your Pandemic Habits May Fade Away - But the Strength and Wisdom You Gained Won't

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The CDC's New Mask Guidance May Be Motivating People to Get Vaccinated - But Not for the Reason You Might Think

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The Coronavirus Brief Newsletter

Brief 3 min Read

The CDC’s new COVID-19 safety guidelines are making headlines, but are they making headway against stagnating vaccination rates?

In The News

From Free Beer to $100 Payments, States Are Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccination. Will It Work?

In The News

Here's What Will Actually Convince People to Get Vaccinated

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