A brand’s creative team may re-imagine advertising, but unless the commercial resonates with viewers, it’s not going to help the company’s bottom line. Six-in-10 (65%) adults who watched Super Bowl LVII were satisfied with the ads. Here, we take a look at what US adults had been hoping to see, so next year’s advertisers can boost viewers’ satisfaction score.

Positive Vibes Only

Super Bowl viewers want to be entertained, not to be reminded of the serious side of life. When asked what themes or tones should be featured in Super Bowl LVII ads, US adults most often responded funny (66%) and lighthearted (45%). Repondents less often wanted to be taken on an emotional journey – purpose-driven (32%), heartfelt (31%), nostalgic (29%), or serious (15%). Next year, viewers want to see more ads that are funny (60%), unique (49%), lighthearted (43%), and inspirational (43%).

Keep It Fresh

US viewers want to expect the unexpected with original Super Bowl ads. Six-in-10 (56%) US adults said that they have a better opinion of brands that air all-new ads during the Super Bowl. In contrast, less than one-third (26%) of US respondents would have a better opinion of a brand that re-airs an old ad during the Super Bowl. But, brands should feel free to share a sneak-peak of the ad before game day – 79% of US adults would have a better opinion, or maintain the same opinion, of a brand who airs their Super Bowl ad before game day.

Hungry For Some Good Ads

US adults have an appetite for food and drink ads. Respondents most often said that they think brands from the packaged food and drink (61%) and foodservice (e.g., restaurants, food delivery apps) (53%) industries should run Super Bowl ads. After food, US adults were interested in seeing entertainment (50%) and automotive (46%) brands advertise.


Catherine Ake

Senior Marketing and Content Strategist

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