By: Sonny Bunch | The Washington Post | Nov 10, 2021 Millennials are the serial killers of our time. Millennials are killing home ownership, we’re killing casual dining, we’re killing weddin
By: Isobel Asher Hamilton | Business Insider | Nov 9, 2021 Facebook's big rebrand to Meta had the exact opposite effect most rebrands are meant to have, according to a new report from The Harris P
By: Jon Springer | Ad Age | Nov 9, 2021 Consumers are starting their carts for what is likely to be the most expensive Thanksgiving feast they’ve ever prepared. Retail prices are up sharply this y
By: Jeff Beer | Fast Company | Nov 8, 2021 According to the Harris Brand Platform, trust in Facebook was starting to rise again until the company announced a rebrand. Back on October 28, Faceboo
By: Will Johnson | Ad Age | Nov 2, 2021 Music-oriented branding punches through in ways that other kinds of celebrity endorsements do not. We’re in the musical golden years—anyone can listen t