Facebook has come under severe scrutiny following recent exposés by The New York Times and The UK Guardian revealing that a voter-profiling firm harvested the private information of more than 50 mill
On Sunday evening, a self-driving Uber car struck and killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg while she was crossing the street in Tempe, Arizona. The vehicle was in autonomous mode with a human safety dri
Supermarkets topped The Harris Poll's 2018 Reputation Quotient list. Brands such as Wegmans (#2), Publix Super Markets (#8), Costco (#17) and The Kroger Company (#18) earned excellent or very good sco
When Steve Jobs launched the Apple Store in 2001, it was praised for its aesthetic and innovative approach to the brick-and-mortar-store experience. Apple Stores were hot destinations, but now it appe
After surveying over 25,000 people between December 11th, 2017 and January 12th, 2018 for The Harris Poll's annual Reputation Quotient study, we uncovered the top five reputable companies in America