By John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll | U.S. News & World Report "MY GOAL IS TO BE THE least-powerful CEO ever," Ilkka Paananen told me in an phone interview in 2015. At the time, we had
The Harris Poll team has led various strategic rebranding efforts in the form of renaming, new identity and strategic repositioning of an established brand. This week we discussed with Forbes the impl
In his op-ed on Christmas Eve, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt featured The Harris Poll's 2018 Reputation Quotient study among the five most important news stories of 2018 as part of the Time
By Chris Tomlinson | Houston Chronicle | Reasonably or not, more and more Americans expect businesses to do more than offer a quality product at a reasonable price; they also want companies to do g
By Karen Zraick | The New York Times | It’s the centerpiece of the biggest holiday of the year for many American families: the Christmas tree, the focal point for parties and presents, replet