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Below we answer some commonly asked questions about QuestBrand. Schedule a demo to see the platform in action.

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What is The Harris Poll’s brand tracking tool?

QuestBrand is an industry-leading brand management tool. Our always-on platform collects critical brand and marketing data on your brand competitors and consumers so you can better segment and target your audiences, measure campaign effectiveness, and effectively market in the moment. 

How does it work?

Every day The Harris Poll fields thousands of surveys globally, capturing robust data on consumers, brands, and products. 

What do I get with a QuestBrand subscription?

With a base subscription, clients receive approximately 10,000 completed surveys annually for a minimum of 5 brands. Additional completed surveys and brands are available for purchase.

Clients also get access to The Harris Poll’s profiling tool, enabling them to describe customers, prospects, and other audiences in rich detail.

What do I do with QuestBrand?

QuestBrand is extremely versatile. You would traditionally begin by using the profiling tool to learn more about your customers for targeting purposes. The brand intelligence data helps you to evaluate your campaign effectiveness and to track your own brand and your primary competitors. You can use the data to inspire better creative or to more effectively buy media. 

Is it global?

The Harris Poll fields in over 40 countries, and can add additional markets upon request.

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