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We learn the most about individuals watching how they invest their free hours. At The Harris Poll, we closely track trends in consumer spending on, and sentiment towards, sports and other forms of entertainment.

Throughout the year, we will update this page with the latest insights into the sports and entertainment industries. Grounded in data from the present, our reports predict the future of entertainment.

Are Americans spending more time attending live events or watching online? What streaming services resonate with consumers? Will virtual reality supersede other forms of gaming? Will consumers pay more for in-person events, or would they rather participate from the comfort of their home? How much are consumers willing to spend on entertainment options each month? How do entertainment preferences vary by generation?

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With the amount of resources brands put into sponsorships and advertising with the sporting and entertainment industries, ensuring that you are hitting the mark with your creative and partnerships is essential. To better understand how brands can be successful in this space, The Harris Poll is conducting a series of reports focused on the sports and entertainment sector, from the Super Bowl to the Olympics get your advertising questions answered here.

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Barbie makes a splash with consumers this summer

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Will Johnson: Should we pay to keep the White Sox local? Here's what polling data says.

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Welcome to the jumbled, balkanized future of sports media

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Should teams pay for their own stadiums?

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NCAA Conference Chaos Leaves Most Fans Unfazed: Sportico/Harris Poll

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Why The Public Strongly Supports Paying College Athletes

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67% of Americans Favor Paying For College Athletes: Sportico/Harris Poll

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Survey shows most people want college athletes to be paid. You hear that, NCAA?

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Sports Betting Advertising - How Marketers Can Appeal To A Divided Gambling Audience

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As Popularity of Pickleball Soars, So Do Related Injuries, Poll finds

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NASCAR's Chicago Street Race represents a crucial test for Cup Series

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How do people really feel about NASCAR in Chicago? Chicagoans and Cook County residents are split

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