From last season to today, the NFL has seen a lift in momentum among younger fans (Millennials and Gen Z), and an accompanying lift in brand equity.

When asked to compare the number of NFL games watched during the 2020-2021 season to the current season, Gen Z (33%) and Millennials (30%) say most often that they watched more games this season than last. (Compared with 22% of Baby Boomers.)

Millennials (21%) and Gen Z (16%) also say more often that they plan on watching even more NFL games next season. (Versus 10% of Baby Boomers.)

Looking at brand equity data from QuestBrand, we see a significant lift in the NFL’s brand equity score (the perceived value of a company based on its reputation) among younger fans between seasons.

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From the first quarter in 2021 (January 1 – March 31, 2021) to the last quarter (October 1 – Jan 1, 2022), we see almost a 10% increase in brand equity among Millennial and Gen Z consumers from 58.1 to 63.6. This lift correlates with the generations’ self-reported increase in NFL viewership.

Harris Brand Platform brand equity scores are comprised of four components: momentum, consideration, quality, and familiarity. Most noticeable is the lift in momentum (a brand’s ability to consistently maintain its market position and beat out its competitors) between Q1 and Q4 in 2021. The momentum score among young consumers rose from 32 to 42, showing that young consumers believe that the NFL is on the rise.


Catherine Ake

Senior Marketing and Content Strategist

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