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Style is constantly in flux, but so are consumer attitudes towards clothing brands, sustainability efforts, sourcing practices, and shopping experiences. How are Americans’ changing priorities impacting the future of fashion?

At The Harris Poll, we use real-world data to explain consumer choices, and to predict future decisions. We will continue to update this page with emerging insights that professionals in the fashion industry can rely on.

Armed with data from real consumers, we tackle the trends impacting today’s established and emerging fashion brands. How will technological advances change how consumers shop for clothes? Will fast fashion fall to the wayside as the world focuses on combating climate change? How will Gen Z’s insistence on inclusivity change the face of fashion? 


Current Trends in Apparel & Fashion

Clothing and accessories preferences vary depending on a person’s age, sex, and individual style. This month, we are taking a look at several trends in the apparel industry using data from recent Harris Poll surveys and QuestBrand data. The report is intended to give you a peek into the world of apparel and retail in February 2024.

The snapshot dives into the world of virtual-try-on technology and the secondhand clothing market. We close with our monthly over-index report. This month we list 20 retail brands that over-index with high-income women. Our goal is to provide brands with the information necessary to understand how consumers think and act.

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