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The Harris Poll has been tracking public opinion for more than 60 years. Using our surveys and software tools, we investigate how people are responding to our ever-changing landscape, exploring subjects ranging from the Super Bowl to TikTok. Through data points and key takeaways, each report provides a window into our modern world.

Consumer Insights

What should brands know about the American consumer? Learn about Gen Z, consumer purchasing trends, and changing priorities.

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Industry Insights

Data-driven explorations into evolving trends and changing consumer sentiment across America’s key industries.

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Inclusive Insights – LGBTQIA+

A multi-dimensional series of research reports centered around the queer community.

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Platforms & Brands

Learn more about the performance of some of the top brands and take a deep dive into social platforms and consumers.

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Sports & Entertainment

A look at the effectiveness of brand sponsorships with key athletes, professional sports leagues, and events.

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Automotive & Transportation

Future purchase decisions evolve as attitudes towards transportation, convenience, and the environment shift.

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Small Business

SMBs rely on innovation and adaptation to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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The Digital Economy

As we become ever more wired, how do consumers feel about technology’s expanding presence in culture?

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The Axios Harris Poll 100

A trusted ranking of the reputations of the companies most on the minds of Americans using a framework Harris has used since 1999.

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The State of Thought Leadership

This report examines the value, challenges, and opportunities to cultivating thought leadership that wins the market.

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Everyday Heroes

An exploration into the sentiment of essential workers, and how this could reshape the American workplace.

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The Great Awakening

This report examines the most impactful changes to American society over the first year of the pandemic based off 55 waves of weekly surveys since early March from The Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker.

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The Listening Project

The Harris Poll and The Milken Institute produce an annual report to evaluate some of the greatest challenges facing people globally.

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COVID-19 Tracker

A weekly tracker conducted by The Harris Poll on the Coronavirus outbreak as a free service to public health officials, media, policymakers, the business community, and the American public.

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The Story 

This newsletter provides a front row seat to The Harris Poll’s latest research, industry trends, and brand case studies.

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2021 Harris Poll EquiTrend® Study 

The annual Harris Poll EquiTrend Study is a twice-validated measure of brand equity and brand health.

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Candy Index

Discover the most valuable Halloween candy according to children and what they are willing to trade for their favorites.

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