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This decade, new technology will disrupt our current patterns of living and expand our possibilities. Tech advances at a dizzying pace, affording user capabilities that were once unimaginable. What comes next?

At The Harris Poll, we help those within, and those affected by, the tech industry remain current with this rapidly evolving space. Throughout the year, we will update this page with insights based on industry-leading data, and trusted research.

We will provide thorough analysis of current industry trends, and look ahead to the future of tech. Will Americans choose to attend events in the metaverse instead of in-person? How will NFTs impact investment decisions? Will kids prefer virtual reality over traditional video games? Will new communication devices render cellphones obsolete?


Current Trends in Technology

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. It’s essential that we understand how these changes will impact our careers, social interactions, security, and society at large. 

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into key trends including biometric security measures and the regulation of artificial intelligence.

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Electronics Video Games report cover

Current Trends in Electronics

The electronics and video game industries are changing how we live, work, and play together. How do consumers feel about the current state of electronics and gaming?

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into key trends in electronics including gaming habits and marketing to video game players.

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