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McDonalds, Burger King, and other quick service restaurants have long been synonymous with American-style eating. However, a new generation of “fast casual” restaurants have challenged the original fast-food giants, expanding options for expedient eating. Where will the industry go from here?

At The Harris Poll, we use real-world data to explain consumer choices, and to predict future decisions. We will continue to update this page with emerging insights that professionals in the quick service and fast casual industries can rely on.

We will explore key issues that impact your customers, your employees, and ultimately your bottom line. Should menus provide for healthy eating options? Do packaging or restaurant re-designs increase consumer demand? How will green initiatives change standard practices and impact profit margins? What types of sponsorships and marketing campaigns shift consumer purchasing intent?


Current Trends in QSR

Quick-service restaurants have fueled American families for more than 100 years. These convenient eateries offer tasty and dependable meals that fit into a busy lifestyle. A valued part of American culture, QSRs continue to evolve along with innovations in tech and changes in consumer eating habits.

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into the quick-service industry to help brands and companies prepare for future consumer expectations. We measure consumer sentiment towards key trends including the change in café culture, customers’ ordering preferences, and we take a look at four popular U.S. pizza chains.

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