The COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge to the healthcare industry, exposing flaws in access and radically altering delivery of care along the way. The industry has had to push the boundaries of innovation, quickly developing and releasing key vaccines and treatments that can allow us to safely re-engage with one another.

The Harris Poll is conducting a series of surveys on topics of interest to those in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as the broader healthcare space, and the partners that support their work. To that end, we will continue to update this page with additional insights as they become available.

Most recently, the Harris Poll has been conducting research to understand and track the evolving reputation of an industry that has historically struggled; the usage, value, and future of telehealth; and, the sources, role, and impact of information, both COVID-related and otherwise.


Current Trends in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on the necessity of healthcare innovation. This highly regulated, yet quickly evolving, space is developing to better meet modern families’ needs and health goals. What problems need to be addressed? What advances can we expect in the years ahead?

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into the healthcare industry to help brands and companies prepare for future consumer expectations. We measure consumer sentiment towards key trends including emerging medical technologies and health insurance/healthcare costs.

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