The Harris Poll is a global consulting and market research firm that provides the insights needed to build a better tomorrow.

Founded in 1956, The Harris Poll is one of the longest running surveys in the U.S. tracking public opinion, motivations, and social sentiments. Every year, we poll millions of people on the trends that are shaping our modern world.

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At The Harris Poll, our insights and data take many forms. We partner with media, nonprofits, and universities to deepen their missions and work with businesses to transform their marketing. Our software tools, such as QuestBrand, are industry leaders.

Through our software and market research, we help our clients analyze customer preferences, refine their marketing strategy, and manage their corporate reputation. Regardless of the client or project scope, we bring our values of curiosity, integrity, and hard work.

The Harris Poll, Harris Insights & Analytics is a Stagwell Media, LLC company.


Since our founding more than six decades ago, our research has helped win elections, pass legislation, and drive change around the world.


The Harris Poll is founded by Louis Harris.


Harris is the pollster for then-presidential candidate John F. Kennedy and helps propel the senator to victory.


A Harris survey conducted for the National Council on Aging leads to the abolition of mandatory retirement at 65.


Harris surveys help add $3 billion to the federal program for the education of children with disabilities.


Harris research helps pass the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Harris surveys on pharmaceutical prices lead to the Medicare Modernization Act and the Part D drug benefit.


A series of Harris surveys on how the U.S. healthcare system compares to 10 other countries contributes to the passage of the Affordable Care Act.


Stagwell Media acquires The Harris Poll from Nielsen and gives the brand a new life and focus.


Harris launches the industry-leading Harris Brand Platform, which gives companies the ability to monitor brands in an ever-changing digital landscape through a SaaS tool.

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We have offices in New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and London.

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Since 1956, The Harris Poll has been using hard data to uncover essential insights about our society. Our research has helped win elections, pass legislation, and drive change around the world. Though we’ve been around for more than six decades, we’re a modern consulting and market research firm developing cutting-edge software and a robust suite of client services.

At our core, we are a team of social scientists, strategists, and storytellers. With offices in New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and London, we are constantly looking for curious, hard-working innovators to join our team. 

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