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The Harris Poll is conducting a series of surveys on topics of interest to those in the personal care and wellness industries. To that end, we will continue to update this page with additional insights as they become available.

Wellness goals and personal care habits are central to each of our identities. An unprecedented pandemic, and now a looming recession, have highlighted the need to care for our physical and mental wellbeing. How are these, and other key factors, impacting consumers’ wellness choices and purchasing behavior? 


Current Trends in Wellness

How we choose to care for our minds and bodies is deeply personal, and often depends upon our financial, social, and economic situations. After
the past few years of hightened stress, with the COVID pandemic, economic uncertainty, and elevated political polarization, Americans are prioritizing self-care like never before.

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into the world of personal care to help brands prepare for future consumer expectations. We measure consumer sentiment towards key trends including self-care routines, changing purchasing habits in the face of inflationary pressures, and L’Oréal’s success with Gen Z.

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