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By The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll and Axios have partnered to produce a series of surveys throughout the 2024 election cycle, tapping into Americans’ personal experiences and psyches throughout the year.

About Axios Vibes
By The Harris Poll

Axios and The Harris Poll have launched a new editorial series, Axios Vibes By The Harris Poll. It will consist of a series of polls through 2024 seeking to identify and understand the lived experiences of Americans by diving into pocketbook issues and opinions of real people in real life. Vibes will rely on representative research, fact-based reporting, news-driving scoops, distinctive data-driven visualization, and expert analysis. The series will build on that foundation by combining exclusive data and editorial expertise to provide new insights into the delta between public sentiment and data on the day’s major issues, from the housing market, personal finances, artificial intelligence, immigration, and much more. 


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The third installment of Axios Vibes By The Harris Poll focuses on American sentiment around immigration today. 


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