A look behind the trends driving the country’s largest industries.

Each of America’s leading industries is propelled by influential players, and fueled by unique economic, social, and political factors. At The Harris Poll, we provide the data you need to understand the forces at work, and to predict the direction of your industry. We will continue to update each industry-specific section below with compelling insights as they develop.

Apparel & Fashion

Style is constantly in flux, but so are consumer attitudes towards clothing brands and shopping experiences. How are Americans’ changing priorities impacting the future of fashion?

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Automotive & Transportation

The transportation industry is in a state of constant innovation, as companies race to develop technology that efficiently, economically, ecologically, and safely transports us. 

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CPG: Food & Beverage

CPG brands must continually adjust their food and beverage options to align with changing tastes. Keep ahead of the trends to maintain and grow market share in this highly competitive space.

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Financial Services

A global pandemic, cryptocurrencies, supply-chain disruptions, and inflation are changing the American economy. Learn what current trends signal about the future of the financial services industry.

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The Harris Poll is conducting a series of surveys on topics of interest to those in the healthcare industry, pharma, as well as the broader health and wellness space, and the partners that support their work. 

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Home Care

Since the start of the pandemic, Americans have been spending more time in and on their homes. How has this changed consumers’ home care & product decisions?

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Personal Care

The COVID-19 pandemic, and now a looming recession, have highlighted the need to prioritize phyiscal and mental wellness. How are Americans choosing to tend to their personal care needs?

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QSR & Fast Casual

Quick service restaurants have long been synonymous with American-style eating. However, a new generation of “fast casual” restaurants have challenged the original fast-food giants. Where will the industry go from here?

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The face of retail is rapidly evolving as shopping expands beyond traditional brick and mortar stores. Online shopping, subscription services, showroom stores, and experiential retail are redrawing consumer expectations. 

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Sports & Entertainment

Wins and losses are also found off the field. Companies invest a significant number of resources in partnerships with sports leagues and advertisements during high-profile events.

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Technology & Gaming

This decade, new technology will disrupt our current patterns of living and expand our possibilities. Tech advances at a dizzying pace, affording user capabilities that were once unimaginable. What comes next?

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The COVID-19 crisis brought the travel industry to a standstill. With the development of vaccines, and the removal of travel restrictions, many people are ready to recapture some elements of their previous “norm.”

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