Inclusive Insights: LGBTQIA+

A multi-dimensional series of research reports centered around the queer community.






We surveyed 1,110 adults in the U.S. to explore their attitudes and perspectives on workplace, relationship with brands, living environment, advocacy on rights, as well as their social life and relationship with the community.


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Featured Insights

Brief 5 min Read

What's in a Name? For Workers of Color, It Can Be a Liability to Their Career

In The News

Name bias at work is real and employees of color are most impacted by it

In The News

It's not just 'woke.' These are the most polarizing words in America

Brief 3 min Read

U.S. Flyers Are Shaken, but Will Make It Through Turbulence

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Companies rush to define DEI

In The News

Op-ed: Elon Musk is wrong. DEI needs to remain front and center in 2024

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4 Gen Z Marketing Trends From 2023

Brief 1 min Read

Chicagoans Support A Multifaceted Approach to Public Safety

Brief 4 min Read

New Connection Index suggests Americans closer together than they seem

In The News

Let's (not) keep it professional

In The News

Biden's Commerce Chief Walks a Tightrope in China

In The News

Opinion | Joe Biden: We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

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