Less than 2 weeks out from Super Bowl LVII, we can feel the excitement ramping up at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium. While we weren’t lucky enough to snag tickets to this year’s Big Game, we will be tuned in to catch the full lineup of Super Bowl ads! (Let’s be honest, that’s the part of the night we all really want to see.)

On February 16th, we will launch our third annual Brand Bowl Index, to reveal the impact that Super Bowl LVII’s commercials had on advertisers’ brand equity.

In a single score, brand equity captures the value consumers see in a brand at a certain moment in time. By comparing each advertiser’s brand equity score pre versus post Super Bowl, we can see how each (very expensive) commercial impacted consumers’ feelings towards the brand. With a multi-million-dollar price tag, you can bet that advertisers are anxious to see their ad’s impact.

What can we look forward to from this year’s advertising lineup?

Can’t wait for the release of Brand Bowl 2023? Revisit our Brand Bowl 2022 Report to see which of Super Bowl LVI’s advertisers successfully turned viewers’ heads.    

New year, new faces

With approximately 100 million viewers, the Super Bowl is an ideal time for brands to get their name, and their value proposition, in front of consumers.

While each year promises the return of some perennial favorites, we can also expect some new advertisers to enter the ring. This year is no exception, with an exciting array of new brands from many different industries, including:

Food and beverage brands are coming in hot

Last year’s Super Bowl ads were full of crypto, but this year is a cornucopia of good things to eat and drink!

For the first time in more than 30 years, AB-InBev will not be the only company running national alcohol ads. This has opened up the Super Bowl to some healthy competition from rival alcohol manufacturers Molson Coors, Diageo, and Heineken.

Snacks are also popular this year, with Planters, M&M, PopCorners, and Pringles vying for our attention (and stomach space).

Advertising in Super Bowl LVII will probably prove a smart bet for these snack brands. According to the fourth annual State of Snacking Report, a Harris Poll study conducted on behalf of Mondelēz International, snacking is recession proof. Despite inflation and the threat of recession, 75% of consumers agree that theyalways find room in their budget for snacks.” 

So, grab your favorite snack, and settle in on February 12th for an advertising treat!

Super Bowl advertisers are still announcing their intent to run commercials during the Big Game. For the full scoop on this year’s Super Bowl ads….

Return Feb 16th for the full list of rankings in Brand Bowl 2023!


Catherine Ake

Content Strategist

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