The face of retail is rapidly evolving as shopping expands beyond traditional brick and mortar stores. Online shopping, subscription services, showroom stores, and experiential retail are redrawing consumer expectations. Where will shoppers want to spend in the years ahead?

At The Harris Poll, we are continuously monitoring shopping trends, and predicting the future of retail. We will update this page throughout the year with emerging insights that help retailers plan their next moves.

Drawing data from real consumers, we report the stories that matter most to retailers. How can retailers best balance online and in-store offerings? Will COVID permanently shift the way Americans shop and what they buy? How do shopping preferences vary by generation? What types of experiences and services do consumers expect? What types of brand partnerships resonate with consumers? What marketing initiatives pay off?

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Brief 3 min Read

Where is the Secondhand Clothing Market Headed?

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Consumers will pay more for American-made products, but inflation takes a toll: poll

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Consumers changing eating, shopping habits as inflation pushes up prices

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How Businesses Can Use Data To Identify Supply Chain Disruptions

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Cannabis Tourism Is Now A $17 Billion Industry - And It's Just Taking Off

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Axios Harris Poll 100: Retailer reputations rise

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Young Consumers Poised to Make Their Memorial Day Spending Mark

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Grocery brands surge in popularity

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Majority of shoppers want brand values to align with their own: survey

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Gap’s Messaging Aligns with Gen Z’s Purpose-Driven Identity

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How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Build Lasting Relationships In The Last Mile

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It Could Be The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever - How Food Brands Are Responding

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