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The face of retail is rapidly evolving as shopping expands beyond traditional brick and mortar stores. Online shopping, subscription services, showroom stores, and experiential retail are redrawing consumer expectations. Where will shoppers want to spend in the years ahead?

At The Harris Poll, we are continuously monitoring shopping trends, and predicting the future of retail. We will update this page throughout the year with emerging insights that help retailers plan their next moves.

Drawing data from real consumers, we report the stories that matter most to retailers. How can retailers best balance online and in-store offerings? Will COVID permanently shift the way Americans shop and what they buy? How do shopping preferences vary by generation? What types of experiences and services do consumers expect? What types of brand partnerships resonate with consumers? What marketing initiatives pay off?

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Current Trends in Retail & Ecommerce

The way that consumers shop and pay for goods is constantly evolving along with technology, innovation, and culture. As we move further out of a pandemic, and closer to a recession, will consumers’ payment preferences change? As ecommerce increases convenience, will consumers still want to visit physical stores?

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into the world of retail to help brands and companies prepare for future consumer expectations. We measure consumer sentiment towards key trends including Buy Now Pay Later, in-store versus online shopping, and a comparison of popular grocery brands.

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Retail Articles & Insights

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