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Target and Walmart have it wrong. Locking up essential products is alienating in-store shoppers

Loyalty Programs Are Hot - 3 Ways Brands Can Grow Customers And Their Bottom Line

Case Study 1 min Read

Poshmark Case Study

Brief 2 min Read

Shopify sees big brand equity gains in Q3 2023

Will Johnson: How Cook County residents feel about the Magnificent Mile

Fall Fashion Marketing - How Consumers Prioritize Price And Quality Over Social Responsibility

Patagonia and Costco are ranked America's most reputable brands. Twitter, Fox, and Trump sit at the bottom.

Case Study 1 min Read Case Study

What We Want Now In Our Kitchens: The News From The Bertazzoni Trend

Pelotons and pets, new homes and new jobs: We regretted a lot this year

Holiday Shopping 2022 - How Retail Brands Can Keep Black Friday Momentum Going

Americans Cut Back on Spending With Inflation Hitting Holidays

Brief 3 min Read

Kroger Delivery expands the popular supermarket's reach

Poll: Most Cook County residents think downtown Chicago is more dangerous than a year ago

Americans prefer to hit the road than buy a lot of stuff this holiday season

What If Buying Used Clothes Was as Easy as Buying New?

Case Study 1 min Read

Costco Case Study

Brief 2 min Read

Grocery Games: How do Consumers Compare these Four Popular Grocery Brands?

Brief 3 min Read

Nationwide inflation can't dim Ulta Beauty's glow

Inside Influencer Storefronts And How They're Driving Sales For Brands

Brief 3 min Read

How much sway does influencer marketing have on purchase decisions?

How Marketers Can Win This Holiday Season

Corporate gifting is the perfect way to show value and gratitude. Here are some tips to make it more meaningful.

Limited-Time Offer Marketing - What Brands Need To Do This Fall

Retailers embrace "inclusive sizing"

Labor Day Sales - How Brands Can Cash In On The Shopping Spree

Brief 3 min Read

Why Hasn't The Secondhand Clothing Market Embraced Green Messaging?

Brief 3 min Read

Where is the Secondhand Clothing Market Headed?

Consumers will pay more for American-made products, but inflation takes a toll: poll

Consumers changing eating, shopping habits as inflation pushes up prices

How Businesses Can Use Data To Identify Supply Chain Disruptions

Cannabis Tourism Is Now A $17 Billion Industry - And It's Just Taking Off

Axios Harris Poll 100: Retailer reputations rise

Young Consumers Poised to Make Their Memorial Day Spending Mark

Majority of shoppers want brand values to align with their own: survey

Brief 2 min Read

Gap’s Messaging Aligns with Gen Z’s Purpose-Driven Identity

How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Build Lasting Relationships In The Last Mile

It Could Be The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever - How Food Brands Are Responding

Brief 3 min Read

Despite Supply Chain Issues, Consumers Aren’t Ready For Holiday Ads

40% of Americans have purchased a cannabis product: survey

Roku survey says streaming ads will play a big role in holiday shopping

Brief 7 min Read

Not Your Parents' Luxury: Watches and Jewelry Brands Lean Into Bold, Diverse Marketing

Brands in heritage industries like watches and jewelry are deploying marketing strategies that revive their brand among younger and more diverse consumer segments.

Americans still eager to shop in person post-pandemic: poll

Over half of Americans are more likely to shop at businesses with vaccine mandates: poll

Consumers More Likely To Shop With Brands That Mandate Employee Vaccination: New Poll

Interest in designer collabs grows as Gen Zers view luxury goods as assets

Americans pick convenience over sustainability on e-commerce

Exclusive: Most Americans favor faster shipping over shopping sustainably

Marketers Spend Big On Back-To-School - Despite Looming Delta Variant

Brief 2 min Read

Back-To-School Shopping is Back in Full Swing

Walmart tests all-self-checkout supercenter store in Texas

How To Connect With Post-Pandemic Consumers Amid Summer Spending Spree: Opinion

New poll shows Boomers use far less shopping tech, and don't want any more


Victoria Secret's Rebrand Moves the Needle With Millennial Shoppers

The race for post-pandemic retail space heats up

Consumers Spending Buoyed By Shoppers Updating Their Wardrobes

Exclusive: Americans don’t want more tech in their shopping experience

Many Shoppers Plan to Spend More on Amazon Prime Day

Brief 3 min Read

Amazon Prime Day Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season for Prime Members

How the Return of In-Store Sampling is Going Over with Consumers

Tech Is Enabling These 5 Shopper Trends. Is Retail Ready?

Levi's CEO says our lockdown weight fluctuations are driving sales for the brand

Whole Foods, Starbucks Use Cyrpto - Should Loyalty Programs Be Next?

From Free Beer to $100 Payments, States Are Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccination. Will It Work?

Brief 3 min Read

Spicing Up The Snack Aisle

Exclusive: More Than Half of US Adults Say They'll Buy Some Groceries Online Post-Pandemic

EXCLUSIVE: Americans Will Prefer In-Person Shopping Post-Pandemic

Parents Feeling Guilty About Covid Ignites Boom In Toy Sales

Black-Owned Businesses Hope The Summer Boom Doesn't Fade

Case Study 2 min Read

2020 Holiday Shopping Report

How the Boost in Home Improvement Might Benefit the Packaged-Food Industry

Election, Pandemic Are One-Two Punch in Retail's Most Crucial Season

That Amazon palm reader? Survey says shoppers might just love contactless checkout tech

Trending: The week's biggest moves, hits and misses

Study Shows Americans Still Love Their Big-Name CPG Brands

Some Stores are Refusing to Enforce Mask Mandates as Anti-Mask Shoppers Lash Out at Employees

Brief 3 min Read

Coronavirus Business Planning


What's Changed and What Hasn't


Americans Turn Focus to Saving Local Economies

You shop online at work. We all know it. And this research proves it

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