Chinese ecommerce site Temu made five appearances during Super Bowl LVIII (all the same ad) – to great success. Using the tagline “shop like a billionaire,” the repeated ad highlighted Temu’s low prices and the breadth of their offerings. After the ad aired on February 11th, Temu saw a 45% spike in app downloads.


As of February 12, Temu’s app had 77.5 million active monthly users. This was Temu’s second year in a row running a Super Bowl ad, a marketing strategy that allowed them to quickly boost their brand familiarity. Before Temu’s first Super Bowl ad campaign, they had 5.9 million active app users (December 2022).

Looking at data from QuestBrand by The Harris Poll, we can see how this year’s Super Bowl campaign boosted the retailer’s brand equity score. Brand equity measures the value that consumers see in a brand at a particular moment in time. It is an average of four components – brand familiarity, perceived quality, purchase consideration, and perceived momentum

Temu Equity – Pre/Post Super Bowl LVIII Advertising

QuestBrand. Base: General population of US adults. Pre: 2/1/24-2/10/24, n=302. Post: 2/11/24-2/14/24, n=488.

After the Super Bowl, Temu experienced significant growth in their familiarity (+7.7), consideration (+7.5), and momentum (+9.7) scores. 

In addition to experiencing growth among their brand equity components, Temu ranked as one of the top brands in television ad recall (+7%) in this year’s Brand Bowl report. Whether you loved their ad or not, Temu clearly gained the attention it was hoping for.

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Catherine Ake

Content Strategist


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