Americans miss gathering with close family/friends and are eager to reconnect through in-person events as restrictions begin to lift. In fact, attending family gatherings and travel for life events with friends and family is seen by a majority of the population to be essential as mental health concerns over prolonged isolation appear.

In terms of getting to their destinations, personal cars are by far the first choice of travel mode from a safety perspective currently and are reported to be the safest pick three months from now. Americans are eager to reconnect through this mode of transport—even if it means staying closer to home.

For the remainder of this year, a large percentage of Americans anticipate using their vehicle for travel as they opt for the safer feeling afforded to them in their cars. They are largely seeing driving as a substitute for air travel.

In terms of implications, Americans feel their personal vehicles envelop them in a level of safety that other transportation choices can’t offer. The urge to get out and reconnect as restrictions lift while maintaining the feeling of safety should drive more personal vehicle usage and purchase intent (as well as the associated service and maintenance) at least through the remainder of the year.

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Greg Paratore

Research Director

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