Two heads are better than one. This popular idiom perfectly describes the synergy sparked by adidas x Gucci, this summer’s hot collaboration between sportswear brand adidas and high fashion brand Gucci. After adidas x Gucci was released in June, online searches for Gucci increased 286% in the first 48 hours post-launch. 

Designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, adidas x Gucci was inspired by a 1979 adidas catalog. The retro ready-to-wear line marries high fashion with approachable streetwear aesthetic. The Gucci and adidas logos are seamlessly combined, featuring prominently on men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

In addition to their official marketing campaign, adidas x Gucci received a lot of recognition from celebrity enthusiasts. Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, Elliot Page, James Harden, Jodie Turner-Smith, and more, have embraced the line, sparking chatter around this simultaneously retro yet distinctly modern collection.

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According to Lyst Index’s Q2 2022 report, the adidas x Gucci line helped spring Gucci to the top as the world’s hottest fashion brand. This move dethroned Balenciaga, who had reigned for the previous nine months. (Adidas ranked thirteenth). Adidas x Gucci’s Gazelle sneakers ranked second in Lyst’s list of women’s hottest products of the quarter. 

Consumers’ estimation of Gucci and adidas grows

After the fall/winter 2022 collection launched in June, QuestBrand data shows brand equity bumps for both Gucci (+3.7) and adidas (+3.2) in July. Brand equity measures the overall value that consumers see in a brand at a particular moment in time. 

Brand Equity for Gucci and adidas June 2022

Gucci Adidas Equity Pre

QuestBrand. Base: US adults familiar with the brand. 6/1/22-6/30/22. Gucci, n=577. Adidas, n=816.

Brand Equity for Gucci and adidas July 2022

Gucci Adidas Equity Post

QuestBrand. Base: US adults familiar with the brand. 7/1/22-7/31/22. Gucci, n=612. Adidas, n=791.

Brand equity is an average of four components: familiarity, quality, consideration, and momentum. From June to July, Gucci saw the greatest increase in consumer familiarity with their brand (+5.5). Given their status as a luxury brand, they are less accessible to the average consumer than the more affordable adidas. It makes sense that partnering with this popular sportswear brand would make American consumers more familiar with the often out-of-reach Gucci.

In contrast, the adidas x Gucci partnership helped adidas grow in perceived quality (+6.4) and purchase consideration (+4.3). Partnering with a luxury label increased consumers’ perception of adidas’ product quality, and increased consumer interest in purchase. 

From June to July, perceived brand momentum rose for both Gucci (+3.2) and adidas (+2.9). This indicates that consumers think both brands are gaining steam and strengthening their position within the fashion industry.

Ready to make a purchase?

A brand’s sales conversion funnel illustrates how consumers flow through their sales process. It shows relative consumer engagement or attrition as consumers move closer to purchasing a product or service.

By comparing each brand’s sales conversion funnel from June to July, we can see how their partnership could have influenced consumers’ purchasing journeys. 

Sales Conversion Funnel for Gucci and adidas June 2022

QuestBrand. Base: US adults familiar with the brand. 6/1/22-6/30/22. Gucci, n=907. Adidas, n=897.

Sales Conversion Funnel for Gucci and adidas July 2022

Gucci Adidas Conversion Post

QuestBrand. Base: US adults familiar with the brand. 7/1/22-7/31/22. Gucci, n=885. Adidas, n=878.

From June to July, Gucci significantly increased in trial (+7.1) and usage (+6.0) as more consumers reported that they had purchased from Gucci. In comparison, adidas saw a slight increase in recommend (+1.8) as more consumers indicated that they would recommend adidas products to others.

While this was just the first collaboration between Gucci and adidas, it may not be their last. Both brands generated notable growth in their brand equity and conversion funnels this summer that may inspire another memorable collection in the future.


Catherine Ake

Senior Marketing and Content Strategist

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