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Learn more about current consumer trends in the home care industry across household appliances and home security practices. Discover what home care brands over-index with moms.

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How are Americans choosing to care for and outfit their homes? This month, we are taking a look at several trends in the household care and products industry using data from recent Harris Poll surveys and QuestBrand data. The report is intended to give you a peek into the world of home care in May 2024.

The snapshot dives into the world of household appliances and home security. We close with our monthly over-index report. In honor of Mother’s Day, we list 20 home brands that over-index with moms. Our goal is to provide brands with the information necessary to understand how consumers think and act.


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Consumers’ home care habits change overtime. Take a look back at Americans’ home product and care decisions in recent years. In these reports, you’ll see what US adults think about pet food, cleaning preferences, home improvements, and more!


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Home Care & Products Insights

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