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Brief 2 min Read

Thanks to TikTok, Brita enjoys a surge in familiarity

Brief 3 min Read

Could younger buyers reverse Tupperware's dip in momentum?

Millennial homeowners finally outnumber renters. But they still aren't catching up to baby boomers

How long is too long to leave up holiday decorations? What Americans really think about those St. Patrick's skeletons.

What We Want Now In Our Kitchens: The News From The Bertazzoni Trend

The American Dream of homeownership is hanging on by a thread, and there are hardly any solutions in sight

The Home Improvement Projects Spring Sellers Should Tackle Now (And What To Skip)

Recent U.S. homebuyers are being hit with a massive wave of regret

Brief 3 min Read

Rust-Oleum sees significant brand equity growth as DIY home projects abound

Brief 3 min Read

Millennials, fire up your (Weber) grills!

Brief 2 min Read

Purple’s Humorous Marketing Videos Effectively Raise Brand Awareness

Case Study 1 min Read

Clorox Case Study

Brief 4 min Read

Insurance Mascots and What Allstate’s “Mayhem” Shows Us About Them

Brief 2 min Read

Back-To-School Shopping is Back in Full Swing

Case Study 1 min Read

Peloton Brand Tracking Case Study

Brief 2 min Read

Pent-Up Demand

Many Shoppers Plan to Spend More on Amazon Prime Day

Brief 3 min Read

Amazon Prime Day Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season for Prime Members

Brief 6 min Read


Brief 2 min Read

Americans Are Feeling the Squeeze of Inflation

A lot of people are spending their third stimulus checks on home improvements

Brief 3 min Read

Moving On Up (And Out): Americans Consider Moving Farther from Work

A desire for bigger homes, upgraded amenities, home improvements, and greater distance from work are the latest byproducts of the pandemic.

Clorox tops corporate reputation ranking as demand soars over COVID-19

Americans say they trust major companies like Clorox, Amazon, and Publix to keep the country going during the pandemic more than they trust the government

Brief 1 min Read

Sani-Lux: Clean is the New Black

Brief 3 min Read

No Gym Required: At-Home Fitness

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