For 20 years, vodka has reigned as the number one selling spirit in the US. In 2021, vodka pulled in $7.3 billion in revenue, and the US vodka market is expected to grow by an additional $98.35 million from 2021 to 2025. There are many popular vodka brands in the US, all jockeying for a place in consumers’ hearts (and cups). Using QuestBrand data, we’re comparing four distinct vodka brands (SVEDKA, Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Tito’s) among their target consumers, those ages 21+.

Vodka Brands: Brand Equity Comparison

QuestBrand. Base: Familiar with the brand, ages 21-120. 1/1/22-6/30/22.

Brand equity captures the overall value consumers see in a brand, and is comprised of four components: consumer familiarity with the brand, perceived brand quality, purchase consideration, and perceived brand momentum. Tracking brand equity is essential for companies to monitor brand health and how consumers react to their on-going product decisions.

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Of these four vodka brands, consumers are the most familiar with Smirnoff (76.5), but it also has the lowest purchase consideration (69.5) and momentum (27.2) scores. Smirnoff’s high familiarity is hardly surprising. It has been around since 1864 and was the number one selling vodka in the world last year, with 26.5 million cases sold. It’s possible that their Russian-sounding name hurt Smirnoff’s consideration (-3.0) and momentum (-2.4) scores, which both decreased from last year. Despite being produced in Illinois, many boycotted Russian-sounding brands due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

In contrast, Tito’s has the second lowest familiarity score (45.9), but the highest purchase consideration (83.5) and momentum (41.7). While fewer consumers know the Tito’s brand, those that do are excited about this craft American vodka. It has become the best-selling spirit in the US, known for its consistency and quality. This reputation explains Tito’s high marks in quality: 52.8.

Swedish vodka SVEDKA has the lowest familiarity (30.6) score but is ranked second in momentum (33.9), a positive sign for brand growth. SVEDKA enthusiasts value the brand’s edgy personality. The vodka is known for its dynamic energy, eye-popping bottle colors, and innovative flavors. Their marketing campaigns are almost as eye-catching as their bottles, effectively attracting young-adult consumers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Grey Goose takes the quality (56.9) award, boxing out second place Tito’s by 4.1 points. The premium French vodka has long had a reputation for luxury and refined flavor. Known for their distinctive smoked glass bottle, Grey Goose takes pride in its product, sourcing water from French natural springs and locally-produced wheat.


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