Many women’s pregnancy journeys are more challenging than expected. Approximately one-in-six couples struggle to conceive, yet fertility tests and treatment are typically not available unless a couple has tried, but failed, to conceive for at least a year.

Modern Fertility sought to eliminate this year-long information void, offering mail-order fertility tests that are available at a fraction of the cost of in-office care. They strive to help women proactively (rather than reactively) manage their reproductive health.

We have all the tools we need to manage our finances and hobbies, and track our fitness, nutrition, step and sleep— why not the same for our reproductive health? When it comes to fertility, we believe that information is power, and information is for everyone.” – Afton Vechery, Modern Health Co-Founder/CEO

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In today’s world, many women are delaying marriage and pregnancy until they establish their careers. However, waiting to start a family until their late-30s or 40s can make it harder for women to conceive.

Nowhere is this pressure more pronounced than in the world of professional female athletes, where their body’s performance is essential to their success.

In summer 2022, Modern Fertility ran a campaign with elite female athletes – including Aly Raisman, Kelley O’Hara, Sydney Leroux, and Candace Parker – to bring awareness to the benefits of understanding your fertility early on.

Employing the hashtag #RefuseTheMystery, Modern Fertility amplified these voices to explain how women can benefit from understanding their fertility hormone information. Each week, they rolled out videos, highlighting one athlete’s personal testimonial.

This is not the first time that Modern Fertility has worked with female athletes. In October 2021, they partnered with the WNBA to help female professional basketball players take control of their reproductive health. All WNBA players were provided Modern Fertility’s fertility hormone test free of charge, along with a consultation.

Modern Fertility’s Momentum Builds

Momentum measures a brand’s ability to maintain market position and beat out competitors. It is one of four components that make up a brand’s equity score (a measure of the value consumers see in a brand at a particular moment in time.)

When we track Modern Fertility’s brand equity using QuestBrand data, we see a steady rise in momentum that aligns with the start of their #RefuseTheMystery campaign.

Modern Fertility’s Momentum – 12 Week Moving Average

QuestBrand. 3/31/22-12/30/22. Base: US adults familiar with the Modern Fertility brand, n= 1,491. Base: Married persons familiar with the Modern Fertility brand, n=915.

While we see a positive momentum surge across all US adults, we see higher momentum scores among married adults. This distinction makes sense since married couples are more likely to be actively planning to expand their family.

At its peak in early August, momentum among married persons familiar with the Modern Fertility brand reached 56.4, up from 44.1 when they announced the campaign at the beginning of June.

While this significant increase in momentum was temporary, it could highlight #RefuseTheMystery’s success at connecting with married adults. For decades, personal fertility information has not been publicly discussed. Modern Fertility threw that tradition to the wayside, encouraging women to share their fertility journey.

Seeing successful female athletes take control of their reproductive health could empower others to likewise proactively seek information about their fertility.


Catherine Ake

Senior Marketing and Content Strategist

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