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The real story behind America's population bomb: Adults want their independence

Brief 1 min Read

The Harris Poll x Smile Train: What Makes Us Smile?

The best workplaces support women who are caring for both children and aging parents - and that pays dividends in loyalty

The American dream is broken. The best hometowns for raising a family could offer solutions

5 ways parents can help protect their kids' mental health at college

Prenups Aren't Just For Rich People Anymore

Brief 1 min Read

More Couples Are Signing Prenups Before Saying "I Do"

Actually, Americans are feeling better than you think this winter

25-30% of Americans say they'll ignore Thanksgiving warning

16 ways to throw together a smaller, no-fuss Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute

Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line Is Ready for an Unusual Thanksgiving

Virtual classes? In person? Turns out, most parents just want school canceled until spring

Exclusive: 16% of parents haven't vaccinated their kids due to COVID-19

Masks, Gloves and Disinfectants Top Back-To-School Shopping Lists

79% of New Yorkers Open to Homeschooling After Coronavirus, Poll Finds

Has Covid Brought an End to Helicopter Parenting?

School's Out. Parental Burnout Isn't Going Away.

We do not want to return to a time when parents had to worry their infant could die of meningitis': Some kids still await routine vaccinations during COVID


Only 1 in 4 parents strongly agree their child has enough opportunities to write to be prepared for college

Most parents reveal they want more objective feedback on their child’s writing

This is the age when it becomes embarrassing to live with your parents

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