Since the pandemic there has been a small but significant uptick in the percentage of vehicle shoppers highly interested in “Connected Cars.” Those very or extremely interested in “Connected Cars” increased from 24% to 30% since 2020.

Millennials (49%) and Gen Xers (33%), having grown up highly connected, naturally have the strongest desire to stay connected in the car. They are also willing to pay for it. Older Millennials (ages 32-40) say they willing to pay an average of $89 per month for connectivity while Gen Xers are willing to pay an average of $45 per month.

Conversely, Boomers are less likely to adopt “Connected Cars” today, with only 15% saying they are very interested.

63% of US consumers in-market to buy a vehicle in the future say they are concerned that owning a connected car would compromise their privacy while half are concerned about “cyber-attack” threats (54%).

Meanwhile, another half (54%) question whether “Connected Cars” provide more connection to the outside world than is needed. Boomers, in particular, are wary of companies collecting information from their “Connected Car.”  67% of Boomers would not allow anyone to collect information via a “Connected Car” system even if offered reduced pricing for data services or if provided more data at the same price.

The Harris Poll used an online panel methodology for its survey, conducted June 4 through June 6. The survey had 9,616 respondents aged 18-80 complete the survey. All respondents currently owned a current vehicle and planned to buy another new vehicle in the future.


Greg Paratore

Research Director

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