1. Entertainment: An Industry Snapshot 

Our recent report on the state of the entertainment industry explores consumer sentiment towards the ticket purchasing process, the factors drawing moviegoers to theaters, and Gen Z’s enthusiasm for the NHL. Using QuestBrand data, we rank the leading entertainment brands by brand equity and growth. Here are some key takeaways:   

  • Two-thirds (77%) of US adults agree that they generally prefer watching movies at home. 
  • Of those who expressed dissatisfaction with their live event ticket-purchasing process, ticket price (46%) was the top trouble, followed by taxes and fees (37%). 
  • The NHL is growing in popularity with Gen Z. In Q3 2022, the NHL saw a significant +7.8 increase in brand equity among Gen Z adults compared to a +2.6 lift from the general population of US adults. 

Download our report for a deeper dive into these and other emerging entertainment trends. 

2. Super Bowl LVII is Almost Here, and Americans are Excited for the Ads! 

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away – the Chiefs and Eagles are packing their bags for Arizona. They aren’t the only ones gearing up! 

A recent Marketing Brew/Harris Poll survey found that 79% of US adults are likely to watch this year’s Super Bowl. But viewers come for more than just the football – 76% of likely viewers are excited for this year’s ad lineup, and we at The Harris Poll agree.  

  • At approximately $7 million for 30-seconds of airtime, it’s essential for advertisers to understand the impact of their marketing efforts. We make that a little bit easier. 
  • After the Big Game, we will release our third annual Brand Bowl report, which evaluates the effectiveness of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Our report uses QuestBrand data to capture the change in brand equityconsumers’ perceived value of a company from pre to post game for advertising brands. 

Too excited to wait? Take a look back at the Brand Bowl 2022 report to see which Super Bowl LVI ads resonated with viewers. 


3. BMW Closes Out 2022 with High Marks – Brand Spotlight  

The luxury automotive brand BMW ranked as one of the top brands for brand equity growth at the end of 2022, according to QuestBrand data. In particular, BMW saw a strong uptick in consumers’ purchase consideration (+4.3) in the last quarter of the year. 

  • With announcements about EVs, hands-free driving technology, and in-vehicle gaming, BMW clearly has not taken a backseat to innovation 
  • Read the brand story for the full picture of what has captured consumers’ attention. 

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