Front-line healthcare workers, grocery stores, and small businesses rightfully have seen an outpouring of support since the start of the pandemic for the vital role they play in the response. 

Also, the virus has weakened the growth of partisan publishers. They’ll probably rebound, but for now, it’s pushed people toward higher-quality news — habits they make take with them after the pandemic, Axios reports

  • Capitalizing in a crisis is the worst thing Americans think you can do (27% I think companies who create advertisements about COVID-19 are just doing it for publicity, and most of them feel contrived/forced). The L.A. Lakers join the long list of faux-small companies returning their SBA coronavirus loans.
  • America loves a second chance: As our data shows in USA TODAY, there is an abrupt shift in opinions on the tech industry as online services have become essential to daily life for people working and sheltering at home. And both tech and pharma are expected to play an even more vital role in testing to help reopen the economy safely.
  • Remember, your fortunes can change for the better in a crisis: Etsy shares soared from a two-year low to a near all-time high amid a surge in demand for cloth face masks, according to FT.
  • The Washington Post profiles what is at stake for the industry: “The global coronavirus pandemic is prompting a dramatic reversal of fortune for the tech giants. Amazon and Facebook are capitalizing on the fact that they are viewed as essential services for public in lockdown, while Google and Apple are building tools that will enable state health departments to provide a critical public service, tracing the course of potential new COVID-19 infections.”
  • Selfishness and division are out: We see signs of national unity in our data on protecting each other:
    • (89%) Americans have a responsibility to each other to take preventative measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.
    • (86%) Americans who do not socially distance themselves from others are putting others at risk.
    • (84%) The most patriotic thing we as Americans can do for our country right now, is to make a national sacrifice to stay home for the welfare of others.
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