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COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our daily lives. Things we used to take for granted look very different now, including our relationships with our vehicles and attitudes toward future transportation. The Harris Poll is conducting a series of deep-dives of interest to those involved in the automotive sector. In that spirit, we will continue to populate this page with additional insights as they unfold.

Most recently, the Harris Poll sought to understand how COVID-19 has changed our relationships with our automobiles and future purchase intentions. Not just how we are using and maintaining our vehicles, but how we may change our shopping behaviors in the post-pandemic future. Will sanitization become the new standard for our vehicles, the shopping process, and after-purchase repair and maintenance? And how will economic and environmental impacts of the pandemic affect how we re-evaluate the timing and nature of our transportation choices?

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Around the Bend:
How COVID-19 Impacts the
Next Normal for Dealers

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