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Middle Class Americans Are Rattled by Fed's Fight Against Inflation

US economy grows at fastest pace in nearly two years in third quarter of 2023

Americans agree more than they disagree, despite political divide, data suggest

Brief 1 min Read

Majority of Americans Find GM's Offer to UAW to be Fair

UAW reports "significant progress" in negotiations with Detroit Three

Brief 1 min Read

The UAW Strike: American Sentiment & Implications For Brand & Reputation Managers

Brief 1 min Read

Harris Poll/Guardian Poll: Americans Don't Believe The Good Economic News

US economy going strong under Biden - Americans don't believe it

Brief 2 min Read

New Poll: Many Americans Oppose a Defense Pact with Saudi Arabia

Biden's Commerce Chief Walks a Tightrope in China

Harris Poll: Chicagoans exhibit early patience with new mayor's methodical approach

Opinion | Joe Biden: We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

Survey shows most people want college athletes to be paid. You hear that, NCAA?

A Frustrated Middle Class Wants More Than Promises in 2024

The US Middle Class's Economic Anxiety Will Decide the 2024 Election

90% of 2023 graduates think college is really worth it. Here's why they're right - and politicians and pundits are wrong

Harris Poll: Chicagoans look to Johnson to ignite positive change for the city

Civil rights groups warn travelers away from Florida

Disney's reputation hit by polarizing political drama

Will Johnson: Is Brandon Johnson up to the task? Even many of his supporters have doubts.

Capitalism's Crisis Of Perception

Lori Lightfoot Makes Her Case to Chicago

Will Johnson in Seven

New study shows U.S. support for engagement with North Korea and China

Brief 2 min Read

Attitudes toward U.S. Relationships with North Korea and China: AFSC-Harris Poll

Will Johnson: Why Lightfoot - or almost anyone else - could win the mayoral election

Harris Poll: Chicagoans favor unions more than they support paying for public pensions

Poll Positions

42% of Americans say it’s up to local government to fix homelessness. Can they? [Grid/Harris Poll]

Harris Poll: High cost of housing is making Chicago inhospitable

Crypto Issues A Factor For 37% Of U.S. Voters, Study Finds

Once-in-a-Generation Wealth Boom Ends For America's Middle Class

Will Johnson: Chicago's No. 1 challenge is the reality of crime, not just its perception, a new poll shows

Three Tips For Companies When Weighing In On Social Issues

Frustrated Women and Hopeful Men: The Gender Gap in Americans' Moods

America Is Less Divided Than We Think, Says Harris Poll's CEO

Divide between Republicans and Democrats over flu shots deepens in covid's wake: Poll

Poll: Black Americans are most likely to expect election violence this November - and it's compelling them to vote

Brief 3 min Read

Eight in 10 US adults agree lowering cost of tuition is more important than forgiving student debt

There's student debt common ground to build on

Brief 2 min Read

Trustworthiness, honesty, competence at top of mind for Chicago voters

Will Johnson: What do Chicago voters want in a mayor? Competence, integrity and accomplishment

21% of Women Reported Switching Their Birth Control Method Post-Roe

Big Tech legislation is coming down to the wire. Will Americans care if it doesn't get passed?

More Unites Than Divides Us: The State of Polling in 2022

How Brands Should Navigate the Minefield of Political Pitfalls This Summer

Parents aren't all right

The brands that transcend politics

Free speech debate targets big media

Axios Harris Poll 100: Friendly brands poisoned by politics

Brief 7 min Read

Americans Divided on Role Brands Should Play in Reproductive Rights

Harris Poll's Will Johnson: Why Polling Still Matters

Here's why most Americans support Elon Musks's Twitter deal, according to The Harris Poll

Brief 4 min Read

How COVID-19 is Affecting Cannabis Usage

How corporations can respond meaningfully to voter suppression bills

Only 12% of older millennials would run for political office - far fewer than any other generation

54% of Americans would consider leaving a company if it didn't speak out against racial injustice, new report finds

Why tech firms are trying to run away from politics - and failing

Silence Is Not An Option: Research Shows Consumers Expect CEOs To Take A Stand On Political Issues

Exclusive poll: Both parties blame social media for Capitol siege

Support for Obamacare Grows as Biden Takes Control: Poll

Americans want to see Fauci get vaccine before they do: poll

Opinion: Divided government is a path to disaster. Why won't voters admit it?

The biggest problem with capitalism? Not enough capitalists

America's Shockingly Moderate Electorate

The pursuit of purpose may have turned the course of this year's presidential election

Opinion: Business leaders must protect voters and the voting process - especially after this heated presidential election

Americans will turn to booze, junk food to cope with election stress: poll

Politics Key to Americans' Views on COVID-19, Poll Shows

As Election Day Nears, Americans Continue to Say Corporate Leaders Have a Role to Play in Protecting Our Democratic Process

Talking politics at work

Americans expect things to get worse between now and the inauguration: Poll

68% of people are significantly stressed by the election - here are 4 science-backed ways to cope with election anxiety

Why do people share political memes? It's not always about changing anyone's point of view

Ominous signs for downtown landlords - and upsides for Pritzker's tax plan

Trust pharma for coronavirus news? Most people say yes, but more Democrats than Republicans: poll

Voters expect the economy to get worse by Election Day

Survey finds more than half of all Americans back potential ban on TikTok

Scoop: Trump's TikTok order threatens plans for 10,000 U.S. jobs

Poll: Most Americans Say Enhanced Benefits Encourage People to Stay Unemployed

Poll: 58% of Americans Want an Extension on Unemployment Benefits

Majority of Americans Think Congress Should Extend Enhaned Unemployment Benefits Past July

The coronavirus crisis is turning Americans in both parties against China

Exclusive Poll: Nevada's 50+ Women Looking for Health Care Solutions

Exclusive Poll: Health Care Dominates Among Iowa Women 50 and Older

Exclusive Poll: Women 50 and Older Could Decide the 2020 Election

92% of Americans think their basic rights are being threatened, new poll shows

GLAAD Harris Poll Study Shows Decline in LGBTQ Acceptance Among Millennials

The most popular companies in America, ranked by partisan leaning

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