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Learn more about current consumer trends in the personal care industry across alternative wellness therapies and fitness. Get inside the head of American parents with a list of 20 personal care brands that over-index with parents.

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What is considered healthy, and how do we pursue our wellness goals? This month, we are looking into the personal care and wellness industry using data from recent Harris Poll surveys and QuestBrand data. This report is intended to give you a glimpse into the world of wellness as of March 2024.

The snapshot looks into consumer perception of alternative wellness therapies and personal fitness. We close by examining the extent to which Dove’s Super Bowl commercial impacted how women think about the Dove brand. In this month’s over-index report, we list 20 personal care brands that over-index with parents.


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Consumers’ wellness practices change over time. Take a look back at personal care & wellness trends in years past. In these reports, you’ll see what US adults think about using personal biometric devices, eco-friendly products, self-care routines, and much more!


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