(New York, NY — April 2, 2021) — TIME and The Harris Poll have partnered for a series of exclusive polls focusing on consumer health behavior and confidence during the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine rollout.

The partnership will provide data-driven insights to complement TIME’s reporting on a range of health topics, including: how well consumers are maintaining their health care during the pandemic, measuring consumers’ hesitancy and willingness to receive the COVID-19 vaccine over time, what is impacting consumers’ decision-making around receiving the vaccine, measuring the pandemic and vaccine rollout’s impact on spending and saving over time, and more.

“TIME’s health and science coverage, especially in the past year, has largely been driven by our efforts to help readers navigate the complex and rapidly changing data that influence health policy and business trends and decisions,” said TIME senior editor Elijah Wolfson. “Our partnership with The Harris Poll enables us to better assess what people feel about their personal wellbeing and the health care infrastructure more broadly, and explain what the trends in those opinions mean for the future of medical science and public health.”

“We’re at a critical point in the coronavirus pandemic,” said Will Johnson, CEO of The Harris Poll. “In working with TIME, we have the opportunity to demystify Americans’ current health care decisions and put hard numbers behind the attitudes, perceptions and opinions that will determine our economic future.”

Today, TIME published a story written by Jeffrey Kluger, which drew on a recent Harris Poll/TIME survey to investigate what actually works to influence people to do things like follow social-distancing guidelines and get vaccinated. Through this partnership, TIME also published a piece on how Americans have been delaying basic health and medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic, using data from Harris Poll/TIME.

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About The Harris Poll

Founded in 1963 by pollster Lou Harris, The Harris Poll is one of the world’s leading public opinion, social intelligence and strategy firms. Through continuous pulsing of society via polling, market research and daily SaaS intelligence, Harris helps clients interpret, adapt and respond to constantly changing issues and expectations in the marketplace. Widely recognized for its polls and insight on voter sentiment, The Harris Poll also leverages bespoke polls to advise Fortune 500 C-suites on how to meet the evolving needs and wants of their customers and other stakeholders. In 2017, The Harris Poll joined the Stagwell Group to create the largest independent data-driven digital market services firm in the U.S. The Harris Poll is run by Co-CEOs Will Johnson and John Gerzema, two veteran strategists with backgrounds in analytics and brand marketing who previously held senior roles at WPP agencies BAV Consulting and Young & Rubicam.


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Chief of Staff

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