1: The Israel-Hamas War Shifted How TikTok Users View The Platform – Brand Story

After Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel, people around the world took to TikTok and other social media platforms to voice their support for the Israelis or the Palestinians. TikTok became a powerful political forum for supporters who proudly typed #standwithIsrael or #freePalestine.

  • Beyond stand-alone videos, some TikTok users began using TikTok Live to host debates on the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Data from QuestBrand by The Harris Poll, shows how these vocal supporters have influenced the way TikTok users think about the platform.
  • After the October 7th attack, a greater percentage of TikTok users begin describing TikTok as “socially conscious.”
  • On October 6, TikTok’s “socially conscious” score among TikTok users stood at 23.6. In December, “socially conscious” peaked at 34.9.

Read the full blog to learn more about TikTok’s evolution into a political forum, and how this heightened their need for moderation.

2: Fitness & Exercise – How Brands Can Engage Workout-Obsessed Consumers – AdAge-Harris Poll Op-Ed

In a recent op-ed for AdAge, Harris Poll co-CEO Will Johnson explores Americans’ relationship with fitness and exercise. According to our survey, the majority (71%) of US adults exercise at least once a week, but their workout preferences vary. Check out a few exercise insights that fall along generational lines:

  • U-shaped curve: The most committed daily exercisers are the youngest (Gen Z – 49%) and oldest (Baby Boomers – 43%) US adults. In contrast, 36% of Millennials and 37% of Gen X report exercising at least once per day.
  • Tech-fueled sweat sessions: Two-thirds of Gen Z (66%), but only 40% of Baby Boomers agree that they like to incorporate new technology into their workout routines.
  • What’s your why? Baby Boomers (44%) more often than Gen Zers (24%) exercise for medical care reasons. In contrast, Gen Z (24%) are more likely than Baby Boomers (5%) to workout as a social activity.

Beyond age, discover what other workout insights the data revealed. Read the article online.

Check out our Personal Care industry report for more insights on Americans’ workout habits.

3: New Balance And Skechers Score With NBA Fans – Brand Story

Popular footwear brands New Balance and Skechers both want a share of the basketball market. New Balance had a head start; they have partnered with NBA stars for years. Skechers more recently launched their first line of technical basketball shoes, and established a partnership with two NBA players – Julius Randle and Terance Mann – in late 2023.

  • Using data from QuestBrand, we can see how this product launch and partnership impacted Skechers’ consumer brand sentiment.
  • After the October announcement, Skechers’ positive purchase consideration significantly increased among NBA fans, signaling a growing interest in purchasing Skechers shoes. (See graph below.)

  • In addition to this jump in purchase consideration, Skechers saw increases across several emotional attributes. After October 25th, NBA fans more often described the Skechers brand as “customer-centric” (+7.2), a “good value” (+7.0), and “wholesome” (+6.3). 

Curious about how the New Balance brand is resonating with NBA fans? Read the full brand story to learn more.

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