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Harris Poll: Gen Z and millennials are ready to splurge this holiday season

Americans want to see their favorite brands in movies, research finds

E-Trade CMO Andrea Zaretsky on the brand's Super Bowl legacy and the return of its iconic baby

About three-quarters of people who plan to watch the Super Bowl said they're excited for the ads, research says

These 5 charts show what US city residents think about smart city tech

Meet the golf brands that are changing the landscape of the sport

Consumers will pay more for American-made products, but inflation takes a toll: poll

Majority of shoppers want brand values to align with their own: survey

BIPOC employees still feel the impacts of racial inequality and better policies may be needed

Anti-union stances can affect brand sentiment, study shows

America's favorite hot sauce brands, ranked

Survey says: Workers will work longer hours for a four-day week

40% of Americans have purchased a cannabis product: survey

Roku survey says streaming ads will play a big role in holiday shopping

Americans still eager to shop in person post-pandemic: poll

In a patch of Arizona, everyone knows Waymo. But few use it.

Interest in designer collabs grows as Gen Zers view luxury goods as assets

Survey: US consumers prefer AR/VR hardware from Apple and Google over Facebook

Exclusive: Most Americans favor faster shipping over shopping sustainably

Walmart tests all-self-checkout supercenter store in Texas

Poll: US adults are mixed on AR/VR in the workplace

Exclusive: Nearly one quarter of Americans have used a VR or AR headset

New poll shows Boomers use far less shopping tech, and don't want any more

The race for post-pandemic retail space heats up

Consumers Spending Buoyed By Shoppers Updating Their Wardrobes

Exclusive: Americans don’t want more tech in their shopping experience

New Ghost Kitchens and Delivery Services Pop Up as Restaurants Reopen

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Support Branded COVID-19 Vaccine PSAs

Marketing Brew Good tipper

Your Guide to Autonomous Vehicles

Brief 4 min Read

With COVID in decline, in-store shopping is on the rise

With the light at the end of the tunnel shining a little brighter, American consumers intend to return back to many of their pre-pandemic shopping habits -- including shopping in stores.

Morning Brew: Some Personal News…

Brief 4 min Read

Autonomous Vehicles Drive Interest Among Consumers

Self-driving technology is especially popular among young adults, tech enthusiasts, and parents.

We Could Get Used To This: Americans Embrace Remote Work, per Exclusive Morning Brew Polling

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