Our latest research shows that currently over half of vehicle owners are taking more sanitary precautions inside and outside of their vehicle as a result of COVID-19 (57% and 62%, respectively). Actions such as wiping down the vehicle interior and wearing gloves while pumping gas have become the new norm as drivers seek the ultimate comforts of safety through sanitation. This is particularly true with younger vehicle operators and women where we see 64% of those ages 18 to 34 taking sanitary in-vehicle precautions and 61% of women doing the same. All ages as well as men and women are more evenly split when it comes to taking precautions outside of the vehicle.

In terms of implications, when looking at this intensified focus on sanitary precautions within and around the vehicle, will clean become the new view of luxury? Technologies like intelligent air purification systems and self-cleaning materials may be the must-have up-chargeable vehicle attributes in the future as opposed to traditional luxury features. Consumers may be more willing to shell out cash for that ultra-clean experience with their vehicles—from selecting vehicles and features to demanding a “certified sanitized” vehicle upon delivery at purchase.


Greg Paratore

Research Director

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