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Economic Inequity

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Why renters are feeling worse about their finances than homeowners

Vibes poll: Biden's key voting blocs stressed about money

Axios Vibes: America's unhappiest people

The Economy Is Up But the Middle Class Is Down: Big Take Podcast

Millennials, Gen Z, Republicans, and Democrats agree: The economy sucks.

Men in HR still command higher pay, titles than women colleagues

Middle Class Americans Are Rattled by Fed's Fight Against Inflation

5 Things Podcast: Why are many Americans still stressed about their finances?

Many Americans padded their savings amid COVID. How are they surviving as money dries up?

Most millennials and Gen Zers feel they have it a lot harder than their parents did in today's economy

The 'American Dream' has always been elusive. Is it still worth fighting for?

'They can't buy into that American Dream': How younger workers are redefining success

Brief 1 min Read

Harris Poll/Guardian Poll: Americans Don't Believe The Good Economic News

US wage growth is finally outpacing inflation. Many Americans aren't feeling it.

US economy going strong under Biden - Americans don't believe it

Biden's Commerce Chief Walks a Tightrope in China

Opinion | Joe Biden: We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

How much do you need to be financially secure? Americans now cite a surprisingly high salary

The US Middle Class's Economic Anxiety Will Decide the 2024 Election

Organized Labor Is Having a Moment. Americans' Views Are Complicated.

Capitalism's Crisis Of Perception

Americans don't assume moms will stay home with their kids, but the gender pay gap, motherhood penalty, and childcare crisis makes it hard for them to keep working

Millennials are more likely than other generations to support a cap on personal wealth

Brief 6 min Read

State of Inequity 2023: Envisioning a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Survey Said: Ten Polls That Generated The Most Interest In 2022

Watch: Diving Into the Data Behind Health and Economic Inequities

Harris Poll: High cost of housing is making Chicago inhospitable

U.S. News - Harris Poll: For People of Color, Economic Concerns Get Personal

Poll: Black Americans are most likely to expect election violence this November - and it's compelling them to vote

Chicago takes a hyperlocal approach to closing racial health gaps

Black And Hispanic Americans Are More Likely To Be Struggling With Mental Health. Here's What Employers And Communities Can Do

Housing instability weighs on Chicagoans' minds, Harris Poll finds

U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Hits Black Women Hardest

With inflation at a 40-year high, who feels better off today? They do

Views on inequity in the workplace

Brief 21 min Read

Hue x Harris Poll: State of Inequity Report 2022

Invest in neighborhoods to jump-start pandemic recovery

Brief 19 min Read

Redefining Health and Wealth Inequities in Chicago

The MacArthur Foundation and The Harris Poll teamed up to understand how Chicagoans' perspectives on health and wealth inequities have changed at the end of 2021.

Brief 3 min Read

Now is the time to address economic inequity

Brief 13 min Read

Addressing Chicago’s Economic Inequity

Chicagoan perceptions provide a window into wealth distribution and economic inequity in the area.

Brief 3 min Read

Americans feel they’re worse off financially than their parents’ generation

Report: Women still aren't asking for raises, even though the pandemic hit them hard

The Harris Poll: Redefining Health and Wealth Inequities in Chicago

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Agree: It’s time to raise the minimum wage

83% of Americans say $7.25 minimum wage is not enough: poll

60% of Americans believe colleges should drop the SAT

The biggest problem with capitalism? Not enough capitalists

STAT-Harris Poll: The share of Americans interested in getting Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible is dropping

Coronavirus financial stress is hitting Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately, analysis finds

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