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In Survey, Half of U.S. Parents Believe Social Media Is Harming Their Children

Harris Poll: Chicagoans are ready for CPS to make a positive change

STAT-Harris Poll: Most Americans are worried about RSV

Americans don't assume moms will stay home with their kids, but the gender pay gap, motherhood penalty, and childcare crisis makes it hard for them to keep working

Nearly half of working mothers surveyed have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. Here's what can help

Working Parents' Behavior Driven By Looming 2023 Recession

TheSkimm's New 'State Of Women' Report Reveals A Majority Are Done Letting Society Dictate Their Role

The unsung heroes of the American economy: Grandmothers

Exclusive: Babysitting rates surged nearly 10% last year

Childcare is so expensive that educated women are dropping out of the workforce because they refuse to put more than 25% of their paycheck toward the cost

71 of Our Favorite Facts of 2022

No kids, no problem - millennials break from tradition and embrace being child-free

The real story behind America's population bomb: Adults want their independence

The best workplaces support women who are caring for both children and aging parents - and that pays dividends in loyalty

The American dream is broken. The best hometowns for raising a family could offer solutions

People are deciding you can't have it all: 1 in 3 workers say they fear kids will set their career back

84% of parents learned more about their kids' education during COVID pandemic, survey says

Latest COVID surges is upending schedules and sending parents scrambling - again

Parents aren't all right

How Businesses Can Get Started With Adoption Benefits

U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Hits Black Women Hardest

Moderna Asks FDA to Authorize Covid Vaccines For Young Kids - But Most Parents Are In No Rush, Polls Suggest

Some hesitant parents warming to COVID shots, poll finds

How to break the cycle of fear driven by COVID and war. And protect your kid's mental health.

Consumers in 2022 are Anxious, Uncertain and Stressed Out

Why working parents feel 'overwhelmed'

The pandemic is taking a toll on children's mental health. We need to prioritize returning them to the classroom.

Parents Feeling Guilty About Covid Ignites Boom In Toy Sales


From Sinner to Savior: Screen Time


Text Anxiety: Online-Learning and Home Schooling


Zoom Parenting and The Rise of Permissibility

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