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Fitness And Exercise - How Brands Can Engage Workout-Obsessed Consumers

20 Brands Catching Baby Boomers' Attention Right Now

20 Brands Catching Gen Z's Attention Right Now

Why Non-Alcoholic Beverages Can Be A Growth Category For Brands

Super Bowl Ads - What Viewers Want And Don't Want In 2024 Commercials

11 Dry January Marketing Campaigns And Products As Non-Alcoholic Beverages See Growth

The Subscription Economy - How Brands Can Unlock Sustainable Revenue Streams

4 Gen Z Marketing Trends From 2023

Loyalty Programs Are Hot - 3 Ways Brands Can Grow Customers And Their Bottom Line

20 Brands Catching Gen Z's Attention Right Now

The Twitter Rebrand - 3 Demographic Trends Marketers Should Know

How Gen Z Envisions AI Improving E-Commerce

Twitter Users Don't Want To Call It X - Inside The Platform's Marketing Challenge

Fall Fashion Marketing - How Consumers Prioritize Price And Quality Over Social Responsibility

Sports Betting Advertising - How Marketers Can Appeal To A Divided Gambling Audience

20 Brands Catching Gen Z's Attention Right Now

Gen Z Loves Powers Converse Sales Gains

Summer Travel 2023 - Why Brands Have Little Influence On Americans' Plans

Buying A Car - 3 Reasons Automakers And Dealers Need To Rethink Their Consumer Relationships

20 Brands Catching Gen Z's Attention Right Now

What Brands Can Learn From Gen Z's Environmental Awakening

Self-Care Marketing - 3 Ways Brands Can Reduce Stress And Improve Mental Health

Super Bowl Commercials - What The Public Wants And Doesn't Want In The Ads

United's Local Super Bowl Ad Pokes At Rival Southwest In Denver Market

20 Brands That Are Gaining Popularity With Gen Z

Generative AI - How Marketers Should Navigate Consumer Distrust

AI Tools Raise Safety Concerns For Most Consumers

Southwest's Brand Damage Persists, Poll Finds - Here's What The Airline Should Do Next

Holiday Shopping 2022 - How Retail Brands Can Keep Black Friday Momentum Going

Most Consumers Want To See Festive, Not Deal-Driven, Holiday Ads

How Netflix and Disney+ Can Fix Ad-Supported Streaming

20 Brands Getting Gen Z Attention Right Now

Streaming Viewers Are Unsatisfied With Ads - But Don't Want To Pay More

Brief 3 min Read

Will ads reshape the streaming landscape?

Inside Influencer Storefronts And How They're Driving Sales For Brands

Brief 3 min Read

How much sway does influencer marketing have on purchase decisions?

Limited-Time Offer Marketing - What Brands Need To Do This Fall

Labor Day Sales - How Brands Can Cash In On The Shopping Spree

Twitter Users Support The Platform And Ads Amid Elon Musk Battle

Brief 2 min Read

Elon Musk Is Holding Strong in the Court of Public Opinion

Thought Leadership: How Business Executives Can Close The Communications And Revenue Gap

20 Brands Gaining Gen Z Attention Right Now

Amazon Prime Day 2022 - 3 Ways Brands Can Benefit

How Brands Should Navigate the Minefield of Political Pitfalls This Summer

How Home Appliance Brands Are Targeting Gen Z - With Help From TikTok and Phil Collins

Young Consumers Poised to Make Their Memorial Day Spending Mark

20 Brands Gaining Gen Z Love Early in 2022

Earth Day Green Messaging: 3 Strategies to Guide Brands

20 Brands Getting Gen Z's Attention (And Dollars)

Most Consumers Worry The Metaverse May Lead Them To Lose Touch With Reality

Why Some Super Bowl LVI Commercials Created The Most Brand Equity

Brief 4 min Read

A Noteworthy Amount of U.S. Adults Are Taking Steps to Improve Their Health

Consumers in 2022 are Anxious, Uncertain and Stressed Out

The 9 Most Popular Insurance Ad Characters, Ranked

Brief 4 min Read

Insurance Mascots and What Allstate’s “Mayhem” Shows Us About Them

Brief 3 min Read

What does the Aaron Rodgers vaccine controversy teach brands?

It Could Be The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever - How Food Brands Are Responding

3 Ways To Reach The Next Generation Of Consumers Through Music


The Next Generation and Music Discovery: Implications for Brands

Brief 3 min Read

Despite Supply Chain Issues, Consumers Aren’t Ready For Holiday Ads

Consumers May Already Be Tired of Holiday Marketing, Poll Shows

Brief 2 min Read

Viewers Pay Up For An Ad-Free Streaming Experience

What Viewers Dislike About Streaming TV Ads

Facebook Users Unlikely To Delete App But Want Brands To Pull Ads, Poll Finds

Brief 10 min Read

Tuning In to the Future of Music Discovery

The future of music discovery lies with the youthful, the technologically engaged, and the globally aware.

Roku's Biggest-Ever Campaign Takes Viewers On A Trip Through History

3 Ways NFTs Can Create Consumer Value

How Pfizer Can Market COVID Vaccine Following FDA Approval

Consumers More Likely To Shop With Brands That Mandate Employee Vaccination: New Poll


How Vaccine Mandates Drive Consumer Decisions

Brands Plot NFL Marketing As COVID Spike Brings More Uncertainty

What Tokyo Olympics Can Teach Advertisers About Beijing Games


NFL viewership may dip in 2021 as Americans avoid in-person games and crowded bars

How To Save Olympic Viewership

This Week's Marketing Winners and Losers

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Advertising

This Week's Marketing Winners and Losers

NBA Fans Call For Logo Update With Black Player - But League Still Winning With Gen Z: New Poll

Marketers Spend Big On Back-To-School - Despite Looming Delta Variant

Brief 2 min Read

Back-To-School Shopping is Back in Full Swing

How To Connect With Post-Pandemic Consumers Amid Summer Spending Spree: Opinion

Patriotic Marketing Won't Win Over Gen Z: New Poll

Inside the Race for Brands' TikTok Ad Dollars


Victoria Secret's Rebrand Moves the Needle With Millennial Shoppers

Many Shoppers Plan to Spend More on Amazon Prime Day

Brief 3 min Read

Amazon Prime Day Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season for Prime Members

Orangetheory Backs Female Athletes After NCAA Falters and SurveyMonkey Rebrands: Trending

Brief 2 min Read

In-Store Food Samples Poised For a Comeback

How the Return of In-Store Sampling is Going Over with Consumers

Banks Like Citi and Chase Get a Digital Makeover as Branches Disappear

Brief 3 min Read

Brick-and-Mortar Banks Still Play Critical Role in Post-Pandemic America


Upfronts 2021: Ad-Heavy Streaming Experiences Make Viewers Tune Out for Good

Viewers are Underwhelmed by Shoppable Ads, Even as Networks Tout Them According to New Poll

TikTok Tactics: What to Know About Reaching Audiences on the Social Media Platform

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