The Listening Project

The Listening Project is a research program developed by the Milken Institute and The Harris Poll to understand the most urgent needs and challenges people are facing globally. For our second edition of our annual study, we asked nearly 17,000 people in 27 countries to identify priority issues of global citizenry while identifying the characteristics of business leaders we need to both drive growth and foster a more just world.

Overall, The Listening Project offers perspective to identify not only the issues that matter most to ordinary citizens, but the skills and competencies they deem essential in an effective post-pandemic leader. Additionally, our report finds that citizens increasingly respect corporations and expect them to fill the void of leadership in solving social challenges. Rather, business can be a catalyst to addressing the ever-growing gaps in income, education, and health while increasing inclusivity and opportunity. Business can bring new innovations, technologies, and partnerships to accelerate recovery that is both expansive and more equitable.

The Milken Institute and The Harris Poll will announce results from “The Listening Project” during the opening plenary for the Milken Institute Global Conference at 11:20am ET on Monday, October 18. Additionally, John Gerzema of The Harris Poll will break down findings further during the panel session The Listening Project: Charting a New Course for Global Leaders at 6:30pm ET on Tuesday, October 19. To watch Monday’s session, please click here. For Tuesday’s session, click here. Follow along on social media with #MIGlobal.