The Listening Project

The Listening Project is a research program developed by the Milken Institute and The Harris Poll to understand the most urgent needs and challenges people are facing globally. Early in 2020, we asked 10,125 people in 27 countries what needs, if met, would have the greatest impact in their lives and that of their family and community. Then, the pandemic hit. In the ensuing months, as COVID-19’s impact on our health and economy became clearer, we decided to replicate the framework from February and examine how COVID-19 changed people’s lives. As recently as October 2, we surveyed another 19,000 people in 12 countries with a special focus on six nations hit hard by the pandemic.

Overall, The Listening Project, which surveyed a total of nearly thirty-thousand people globally, offers a window into new priorities and reveals the true impact of the last seven months on our health, our livelihoods, and our society.

The Milken Institute and The Harris Poll will announce results from “The Listening Project” during the opening plenary for the Milken Institute Global Conference at 10:00am ET on Monday, October 12. Additionally, John Gerzema of The Harris Poll will break down findings further during a session at 10:00am ET on Tuesday, October 13. To watch Monday’s session, please click here. For Tuesday’s session, click here. Follow along on social media with #MIGlobal.