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Discover what factors encourage Americans to donate to the college they attended, and what inspires charitable giving.

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We all want to help our communities, but how and when do we choose to give? This month, we are looking into the nonprofit space using data from recent Harris Poll surveys and QuestBrand data. This report is intended to provide a glimpse into the world of nonprofit giving as of April 2024.

The snapshot looks at US adults’ thoughts about donating to the college they attended, and what factors inspire charitable giving. We close with this month’s over-index report, where we list 20 brands that over-index with charitable donors – based on brand equity scores. This indicates that these brands resonate more with charitable donors than they do the average US adult.


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Revisit our 2023 Report

Where Americans donate their time and resources provides a peek into their hearts. We get to learn about the causes that they care most about, and where they want to leave an impact on the world. While each individual is different, donation patterns tend to emerge across different age groups and demographics.

Here, we provide a data-driven snapshot into the nonprofit space to help charitable organizations prepare for future consumer expectations. We examine what types of charitable causes appeal to donors of different backgrounds, and what factors convince donors to give to a specific charity or organization.


Download the 2023 report.

Fill in this form to read the full report and better understand Americans’ attitudes and behaviors towards charitable giving.

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