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Brief 4 min Read

Do movies and TV shows give cities a fair shake?

Michelle Larson and Will Johnson: Chicago's Museum Campus is the key to revitalizing the Loop

Brief 2 min Read

Parks, Lake Michigan, and Museum Campus among Chicago's greatest attractions for city and suburban residents

Harris Poll: Increased public safety could draw more local tourists to Chicago attractions

Will Johnson: The mayor has Chicagoans' buy-in on law enforcement. Here's what he can do for more consensus.

Brief 1 min Read

Chicagoans Support A Multifaceted Approach to Public Safety

Harris Poll: Chicago is the epicenter of the youth mental health crisis

Will Johnson: How Cook County residents feel about the Magnificent Mile

Brief 2 min Read

Chicagoans get creative in rethinking dormant office space

Will Johnson: Should we pay to keep the White Sox local? Here's what polling data says.

Harris Poll: Chicagoans exhibit early patience with new mayor's methodical approach

Harris Poll: Remote work continues to threaten the downtown economy, but could spur growth in Chicago's suburbs

Harris Poll: Chicagoans look to Johnson to ignite positive change for the city

Will Johnson: Is Brandon Johnson up to the task? Even many of his supporters have doubts.

Harris Poll: Chicagoans are ready for CPS to make a positive change

Harris Poll: CPS sets an ambitious path for success, but public holds little optimism for improvement

Harris Poll: Businesses are better at raising awareness of social issues than fixing them

Lori Lightfoot Makes Her Case to Chicago

Bears Arlington Park stadium project beginning to win over more fans?

Will Johnson: Why Lightfoot - or almost anyone else - could win the mayoral election

Harris Poll: Chicagoans favor unions more than they support paying for public pensions

Brief 4 min Read

Chicagoans expect to exercise their right to vote for mayor next month—just not sure for whom

Poll: Most Cook County residents think downtown Chicago is more dangerous than a year ago

Brief 2 min Read

Americans value neighborhood independence, welcome more affordable housing construction

New poll: The era of the ICE vehicle is ending. What comes next?

These 5 charts show what US city residents think about smart city tech

Brief 3 min Read

Public safety continues to be top of mind for Chicago's residents and businesses

Will Johnson: Chicago's No. 1 challenge is the reality of crime, not just its perception, a new poll shows

Chicago's homicide stats tell only part of the public safety story

The American dream is broken. The best hometowns for raising a family could offer solutions

Will Johnson: Love Chicago? You are likely to give a thumbs-up to the plan for the city's casino

Brief 2 min Read

Few Chicagoans oppose casino development in River West

Consumers want the consumer protections but not so keen about paying more for clean energy

Brief 2 min Read

Trustworthiness, honesty, competence at top of mind for Chicago voters

Great Lakes residents divided on who should lead on environmental issues, Harris Poll finds

Housing instability weighs on Chicagoans' minds, Harris Poll finds

Will Johnson: Could this be Chicago's comeback summer?

Brief 3 min Read

Are Americans returning to summer tourism?

Brief 19 min Read

Redefining Health and Wealth Inequities in Chicago

The MacArthur Foundation and The Harris Poll teamed up to understand how Chicagoans' perspectives on health and wealth inequities have changed at the end of 2021.

Brief 3 min Read

Reframing Public Safety Reform to Find Common Ground

Brief 2 min Read

The economics of entertainment: More investment in nightlife could help Chicago attract residents and businesses

Brief 3 min Read

Now is the time to address economic inequity

Brief 2 min Read

Crain’s-Harris Poll Chicago Executive Pulse: Wave 4

The contours of a post-COVID Chicago business landscape emerge in the latest wave of the Crain’s-Harris Poll Chicago Executive Pulse

Brief 2 min Read

The Harris Poll: Reimagining Public Safety in Chicago

Op-Ed: Do Chicagoans want to 'defund the police'? It's a tale of two cities.

Brief 9 min Read

Reimagining Chicago’s Public Safety

Chicago residents want to see changes to the laws, systems, and organizations that can reduce gun violence and amend police-resident relations.

Crain's Daily Gist podcast: What business leaders think of Chicago's economic future

Brief 3 min Read

Chicago Business Executive Pulse: Wave 3

Chicago’s business leaders hold brighter outlook on local business climate and reopening plans amid vaccine rollout in latest Crain’s-Harris Poll Chicago Executive Pulse

Brief 3 min Read

The Atlanta Mass Shootings…We Saw This Coming

The Harris Poll: Redefining Health and Wealth Inequities in Chicago

Brief 11 min Read

The Future of Cities: A suburban state of mind

Though they do not live in the hearts of their cities, suburban residents reveal that America's recovery from the pandemic is still dependent on the well-being of cities.

Brief 12 min Read

The Future of Cities: Exploring the Exurbs

Though they live farther away from city center, exurbanites reveal America's post-pandemic recovery is still dependent on the well-being of large cities.

Brief 6 min Read

The Future of Cities: Transforming Transportation

For those living in America's biggest cities, transportation represents a problem but also a potential solution to environmental concerns.

Brief 12 min Read

The Future of Cities: Phoenix

City living is still popular in Phoenix, but wavering faith in city leadership may signal an uncertain future.

Brief 10 min Read

The Future of Cities: Philadelphia

In the City of Brotherly Love, big city living still holds value.

Brief 8 min Read

Cities are Not Going Away According to Urban Dwellers

The pandemic may have cause a suburban migration, but most urban dwellers are staying put.

Brief 9 min Read

The Future of Cities: Houston

Although satisfied with current local leadership, like those in other major metros, Houston residents still want to see progress in their city.

Brief 10 min Read

The Future of Cities: Los Angeles

The pandemic has given the City of Angels a less than heavenly time, but the future appears promising.

Brief 9 min Read

The Future of Cities: Chicago

The pandemic added to the Windy City's problems, but residents still believe local initiatives can turn things around.

Brief 8 min Read

The Future of Cities: New York City

As far as New Yorkers are concerned, their city is definitely not dead.

Why We Don't Believe The Big City Obituary

Brief 9 min Read

The Future of Cities: The role of local government

A pandemic coupled with new leadership across the country means the fate of urban areas is now a primary concern for lawmakers and residents alike.

Brief 10 min Read

The Future of Cities: Race and city living

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that life in the city differs significantly by race.

Classical or Modern Architecture? For Americans, It's No Contest

What are local execs thinking? Crain's exclusive Harris Poll finds out.

Here's the evidence - in case you needed it - that downtown's been seriously damaged

People Fleeing Big Cities May Spur Economic Growth In Smaller Metros

Moving to the Suburbs to Escape the Coronavirus? Maybe Not, a New Survey Says

Escape to the Country: Why City Living is Losing Its Appeal During the Pandemic

Survey: Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Urbanites Are Eyeing the Suburbs

Should you flee your city? Almost 40% have considered it during the pandemic

Coronavirus may Prompt Migration out of American Cities

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