Today: “Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, grocery shopping has transitioned from being a routine errand to a potentially challenging, and even dangerous, task. Many shoppers are awaiting the day when waiting in line before even getting inside the store is a distant memory. But regardless of when that day comes, it’s likely the pandemic will transform the way we shop for food for many years to come.”

Americans are balancing necessities with a little indulgence: 42% are consuming more fresh food, 66% whole foods via home-cooked meals, 24% are consuming more orange juice; at the same time, 42% are eating more snack foods, 29% more chocolate, and 23% are drinking more alcohol. 

Looking out on the remainder of the year, filled with uncertainty of ‘returning to normal’ the one thing we can control is what we eat and how we live – consumers are shopping to create a sense of balance we all desperately need; 63% plan on increasing fresh food, 51% more orange juice – matched with 37% who plan on drinking more alcohol and nearly a third who plan on increasing chocolate and candy.

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John Gerzema


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