Controversial Campaign: Did PrettyLittleThing’s Influencer Campaign Hit the Mark?

PrettyLittleThing — the relatively new but quickly growing fast-fashion retailer with a strong e-commerce presence and a target market of 16-34-year-old females — primarily leverages social media, influencer campaign strategies, and celebrity collaborations to cut through a noisy e-commerce space.

A look at one of their more recent collaborations with Doja Cat reveals that their strategy is paying off. Despite the controversy around the advertisement for this collaboration — which ended up being banned and then heavily edited due to explicit content — it seems PrettyLittleThing hit the nail on the head in reaching its target consumers and gaining ground on market leader ASOS. Download our influencer campaign management cast study to find out how their brand performed!


Annie Prunsky

Annie Prunsky

Director of Marketing


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