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Brief 2 min Read

Pent-Up Demand

Give us the old normal

Where inflation hurts the most

Brief 2 min Read

Americans Are Feeling the Squeeze of Inflation

Listing Your Home in 2021? Here's What to Know

Teachers on Reddit reveal the new Gen Z school cliques: "It's just all over the place now"

84% of Companies Made Changes for Employee Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Young investors are putting stimulus checks into stocks and bitcoin

Most Americans don't plan to spend their stimulus checks right away: Poll

Brief 4 min Read

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have used stimulus checks to invest in crypto

Data show many Americans need new stimulus payments for necessities, but more are also planning to spend on non-essentials and invest in this latest round.

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Pull Back Support on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Increasingly urgent and polarized conversations surrounding the student loan debt crisis may actually have convinced fewer Americans to support student loan debt cancelation.

Brief 4 min Read

Going Viral: “Meme stocks” win over 1 in 4 Americans

Social media and online forums were the top influencers for convincing people to buy GameStop and other viral stocks, proving again that online virality has serious offline impact.

28% of Americans brought GameStop or other viral stocks in January: Yahoo Finance-Harris Poll

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Agree: It’s time to raise the minimum wage

83% of Americans say $7.25 minimum wage is not enough: poll

Brief 4 min Read

Americans Want to End Standardized Tests for Good

Three in five Americans agree that U.S. colleges and universities should stop requiring standardized test scores altogether.

60% of Americans believe colleges should drop the SAT

Brief 2 min Read

2021 Brings Hints of Optimism on Key National Issues

Although Americans remain largely pessimistic about important national issues, that level of pessimism is falling compared to three months ago.

America's mood has improved on coronavirus, jobs, and more as President Biden era begins

Brief 3 min Read

Will COVID Vaccines Bring a Return to Normal?

Brief 4 min Read

Pandemic’s Financial Impact Affects Americans’ 2021 Travel Plans

A third of Americans who travel say they do not plan to travel out of state at all in 2021.

2021 American travel boom less likely than previously thought, survey finds

The workers who won in the pandemic - and those who lost

Michael Jordan, Lebron James top list of athletes who could compel Americans to get Covid-19 vaccine

A new poll shows the 'outsized' financial burdens faced by millennials

Brief 3 min Read

Americans Want Another Round of Stimulus Checks

In fact, half of Americans have budgeted in the hopes they will receive extra aid from the government this fall.

AMC starts 'urgent dialogue' with Warner Bros over its plan to put all its 2021 movies on HBO Max

COVID Blew Up Everyone's Plans - Guess Which Generation Is Planning to Retire Even Earlier

Employer are 'the spearhead' to get people vaccinated: PR executive

New coronavirus stimulus checks may not trigger an economic jolt: poll

Majority of Americans won't be comfortable attending a sports event until COVID-19 vaccine is available

COVID-19 is not the only thing keeping Americans out of movie theaters

Brief 3 min Read

Fewer Americans Plan to Visit Movie Theaters in 2021

The latest survey from Yahoo Finance and The Harris Poll explores how Americans feel about movie theater re-openings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

63% of Americans show concerns about a Covid-19 vaccine: YF-Harris Poll

Brief 5 min Read

Yahoo Finance/The Harris Poll: Americans Divided on COVID-19 Vaccine

A new study finds only half of Americans are convinced a vaccine will end the coronavirus crisis

Americans expect things to get worse between now and the inauguration: Poll

Most Americans support higher taxes if it's spent on these 2 things: Poll


Yahoo Finance/Harris Poll: Taxes remain Popular in America

Most Americans are willing to pay their fair share in taxes, but a recent study by Yahoo Finance and The Harris Poll finds many would put their dollars towards improving a struggling economy, too.

Brief 2 min Read

Portfolio Strategy Shifts during COVID-19

Voters expect the economy to get worse by Election Day

Brief 3 min Read

Yahoo Finance - Harris Poll Investor Index Wave 1 Findings

Brief 4 min Read

New Harris Sports/Harris Poll and Yahoo Finance Survey Finds Majority of Americans are Not Ready to Go to a Sports Event, Even with Masks

Brief 2 min Read

Yahoo Finance and The Harris Poll uncover America’s Sentiment on COVID-19 Economic Stimulus

Brief 2 min Read

Skeptical Optimism

Brief 2 min Read

Is the Couch an Upgrade from the Cubicle?

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