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Most Consumers Want To See Festive, Not Deal-Driven, Holiday Ads

LGBT Representation in Ads Has Grown, but Many Consumers Find It Inauthentic

20 Brands Getting Gen Z Attention Right Now

How Marketers Can Win This Holiday Season

Limited-Time Offer Marketing - What Brands Need To Do This Fall

How Brands Should Navigate the Minefield of Political Pitfalls This Summer

Brief 3 min Read

The Future of Marketing With NFTs

Brief 2 min Read

Decades after launch, Smartwater remains fresh with young consumers

Brief 2 min Read

Will Uniform Sponsorship Deals Hit a Home Run?

Why The Future Of Purpose-Driven Marketing Is AT 'The Edge'

The biggest rebrands of the decade have this visionary designer in common

What Consumers Think of New Mother's Day Marketing Tactics, Including Opt-Out Options

Three Marketing Strategies To Help You Push Value Rather Than Sales

5 Ways Marketers Should Prepare for the Roaring 2020s

Brief 4 min Read

Businesses Anticipate Significant Increase in Social Media Investments as it Becomes Essential for Long-Term Success

Nearly all business executives (91%) anticipate their company’s social media budget will increase over the next three years; and 62% of consumers note businesses that do not have a strong social presence will not succeed in the long run

No More Taboos: Why Brands are Telling the Unvarnished Truth About Bodily Functions

Brief 3 min Read

The Harris Poll Announces This Year’s Brands of the Year

The Harris Poll’s 33rd annual EquiTrend Study reveals the strongest brands across the media, travel, financial, automotive, entertainment, retail, restaurant, technology, household, and nonprofit industries, based on consumer response.

Brief 2 min Read

Marketing Needs New Tools, ASAP:

Introducing the Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform (ASAP)

Brief 4 min Read

Consumers Expect Brands to Play a Key Role in Economic and Social Recovery, According to Brownstein Report

Agency Identifies 4 Key Drivers to Brand Longevity in National Harris Poll Survey

Addressing Consumers Across a New Customer Journey

Brand Endorsement Potential of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Revealed in New Poll

Beyond California, Wine Marketers Need to Think Local and Work Together

Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later Brands Sparks New Lending Industry Marketing Battle

Brief 2 min Read

McDonald’s vs. Burger King: Which new packaging wins out with consumers?

Aunt Jemima's Name Change Gains Wide Awareness But Questionable Impact on Sales, According to New Poll

What Springsteen's DWI Arrest Means for Jeep's Marketing

Brands Want to Replace Racial Stereotypes on Packages. Not All Customers Agree

Gillette's Ad Angered Old Customers in Pursuit of New Ones

Rebranding Your Company: Why And How To Do It

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