Our partners at Brands for Good have turned to The Harris Poll to power ASAP (Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform), the newest tool in marketers’ path to assuring their consumer behaviors are driving sustainable behavior. 

Brands are working to change consumer behavior for good, but we are missing an effective standard for assessing anad’s success in communicating and driving the adoption of sustainable behavior. What if marketers had a quick, easy-to-use, and robust branding tool to track both their ads’ impact and their consumers’ engagement?

ASAP is a new, cutting edge tool co-created by leading global brands like Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Visa, and Nestlé Waters, that measures the power of a campaign to drive action against the nine most impactful sustainable behaviors that consumers and brands can take together. Previously only available to Brands for Good partners, this powerful platform is now open to all. 

Unlock your Sustainability Effectiveness Score

Test your ads against the IACT Principles:

  • Influence
  • Credibility 
  • Action
  • Talkability

An actionable tool providing rapid assessment of the intention-perception gap and perception-action gap by providing:

  • Rich norms to understand sustainability ad performance in the context of your industry’s best-in-class ads
  • Quick-turn execution to easily sync with marketers’ ad finalization process
  • Previously unavailable data about consumer adoption of the sustainable behaviour
  • New lines of inquiry in your ad testing to make consumer communications work harder to drive sustainable behaviors AND brand engagement

PepsiCo’s aspiration is to make our sustainability creative as engaging and sharable as our conventional campaigns, and this simple & easy to use tool helps us benchmark across key metrics including, the power of a campaign in driving Action. I would encourage brand managers to use this tool pre and post launch to develop compelling content that drives meaningful change.

Maddy Kulkarni, Global Marketing Director, Sustainability & Purpose at PepsiCo

Insightful Research and Actionable Results

Each ad is run-rated by N=500 members of the public (quality-focused monadic design). Sub-segments are easily accommodated to assure findings sync with target audience priorities. Ad Effectiveness Scores available via an easy-to-use online portal which shows ad performance vs. a full complement of norms (competitive, industry, intra-company), and allows for filtering by demographic segments. All graphs and data images are exportable for easy socialization and sharing.

The Nine Most Impactful Behaviors

Are you ready to invest in more effective advertising?

The platform is open to all, but preferred pricing is provided to members of Brands for Good. Fees per ad tested:

ASAP has been designed for speed and ease of use:

  • 5-10 day turnaround with both qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Upload ads at any time on your schedule
  • Platform filters allow you to dig through your data and derive insights in the moment, without needing a rep to pull reports for you

Have questions?

[email protected]

[email protected]

To test an ad on the ASAP platform, visit the Brands for Good site to get started. Or fill out this submission form to submit an ad.


Matthew Feider

Chief of Staff

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