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4 signs you're spending too much money, even if it doesn't feel like it

The Pay Raise People Say They Need to Be Happy

Women, especially younger ones, are taking retirement savings seriously, surveys show

5 Things Podcast: Why are many Americans still stressed about their finances?

Many Americans padded their savings amid COVID. How are they surviving as money dries up?

How's your 401k doing after 2022? For retirement-age Americans, not so well

Floridians say "I do" to prenups

Most Americans worry that Social Security will be drained in their lifetime. And Gen Z thinks they'll never see their investment

Americans are choosing lottery tickets and maybe eve fortune tellers over financial planners

Women aren't investing at the same rate as men. Here's why it matters - and how the gap can be closed

Who wants to be a billionaire? 6 in 10 Americans strive to be mega-wealthy, report finds

Gen Z say they need the highest salary of all generations to feel 'financially healthy.' Here's what Americans think they need at every age

Here's the average salary Americans need to feel 'financially healthy' at every age

Costly Mistake for Seniors: Survey Finds Older Homeowners Nearly Twice as Likely Not to Utilize Home Equity Loans

Brief 3 min Read

Most Americans Feel Their Financial Situation Has Stayed Constant Despite Near Record Inflation

Brief 1 min Read

The NFT Consumer

Brief 6 min Read

A Growing Number of U.S. Adults Invest in Cryptocurrency Despite Risks

Brief 3 min Read

Will this Year’s Crypto Onslaught Attract Investors?

Investments in urban development could prevent Chicago from plateauing

Young investors are putting stimulus checks into stocks and bitcoin

Brief 4 min Read

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have used stimulus checks to invest in crypto

Data show many Americans need new stimulus payments for necessities, but more are also planning to spend on non-essentials and invest in this latest round.

Billionaire and Celebrity Endorsements Lure Retail Investors to the SPAC Craze

Bitcoin is Surging. Americans Still Don't Get How It Works

'Looking down their nose at you': GameStop frenzy showed a fresh contempt for hedge funds. Why do Americans hate them?

Brief 4 min Read

Going Viral: “Meme stocks” win over 1 in 4 Americans

Social media and online forums were the top influencers for convincing people to buy GameStop and other viral stocks, proving again that online virality has serious offline impact.

28% of Americans brought GameStop or other viral stocks in January: Yahoo Finance-Harris Poll

Millennial Money: Crafting smarter money goals in 2021

30% of Workers Dipped Into Retirement Funds During 2020

COVID Blew Up Everyone's Plans - Guess Which Generation Is Planning to Retire Even Earlier

Women and younger workers are falling behind on retirement savings during the pandemic

Stock Investors Are Younger and More Racially Diverse

Brief 2 min Read

Portfolio Strategy Shifts during COVID-19

43% of retail investors are trading with leverage: survey

Investors put more money in equities amid pandemic: Poll

Brief 3 min Read

Yahoo Finance - Harris Poll Investor Index Wave 1 Findings

41% of Retail Investors Expect Negative Returns in the Next 5 Years: Poll

Harris Poll and Yahoo Finance Partner for Exclusive Ongoing Polling of Investors and Publish First Survey Today

Brief 2 min Read

Skeptical Optimism


Bearish on COVID-19 but Bullish on Stock


Pent Up Demand Continues to Build

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